3 Packaging Tips To Improve The Customer Experience

As the day to day retail and e-commerce industries continue to be saturated with competitors, it’s common for businesses to find it challenging to attract and retain customers. Consequently, businesses are using packaging as a way of enhancing their customers’ experience in an attempt to establish and maintain a consumer relationship between customer and brand.

Today, the packaging experts over at Kendon Packaging will offer up their best tips on how your business can do the same, showing you how you can utilise your product’s packaging as a marketing tool to improve the overall customer experience – hopefully keeping consumers coming back to your brand time and time again.

Image: Unsplash

Quality over quantity

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a product’s packaging – after all, it’s just going to get ripped apart and thrown away, right?

On the contrary, the role of packaging has evolved within recent years from a purely functional material to an effective marketing device. Consumers have begun making purchasing decisions influenced by the packaging, so ensuring yours looks and feels of high quality is a great way of making your product stand out from the rest.

As leading brands like Apple have begun creating a synonymous connection between product and brand (with Apple’s sharp, minimalist packaging mirroring the design of their phone and computer products), it’s becoming increasingly common for customers to make fast judgements about the quality of your product based on the quality of your packaging.

As such, packaging that boasts quality through carefully considered design and premium materials will give the consumer the impression of luxury surrounding your product, consequently improving the customer experience by boosting their perceived value and calibre of your product.

Go green

As the public consensus surrounding environmental issues shifts increasingly towards a greater eco-consciousness, customers have begun finding value in companies that go above and beyond to minimise their overall footprint.

Thus, investing that little bit extra in eco-friendly packaging is a worthwhile practice for any business. Not only will it help out wider environmental efforts to preserve oceans and the planet as a whole, but it’s also a great way of securing a positive brand image that customers will be proud to associate with.

A positive brand image improves the customer experience by creating a healthy relationship between consumer and brand, in which the consumer invests emotionally with the brand through shared ethical and moral values. Changing to eco-friendly packaging will make the customer feel like they’re doing some good every time they purchase one of your products, creating a shopping experience that extends far beyond the store.

Brand it

Last but by no means least, ensure your packaging is always branded whenever possible.

As we’ve touched upon already, the role of packaging has evolved into a marketing opportunity that is only fully utilised through effective branding. While ensuring your logo and brand colours are visible over all your packaging carries obvious benefits of free mobile advertising, it can also subconsciously improve the customer experience by bringing the comfort of familiarity.

It’s easy for the modern consumer to be overwhelmed by choice – just one look down any supermarket aisle can demonstrate this through the multiple variations of a single product type. Though the consumer could spend their time weighing up the pros and cons of each, they instead rely on subconscious indicators known as heuristics.

Tap into this heuristics by offering the comfort of familiarity, enabling an improved customer experience through enabling the ease of obvious choice. To achieve this, ensure you have a consistent brand image through a recognisable logo and distinctive and associable colour scheme across your entire product range.

Image: Pexels

Following these three packaging tips will help improve the overall customer experience offered by your brand, increasing sales, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty all the while and boosting your chances of securing glowing reviews in the process.


Author BIO

Alex Jones is a content creator for Kendon Packaging. Now one of Britain’s leading packaging companies, Kendon Packaging has been supporting businesses nationwide since the 1930s.

5 Reasons why Social Media Marketing is Important for any Business

Your business organization needs a social media presence. Irrespective of whether you run a big national company or a small local shop, social media is a vital part of your corporate marketing strategy. Social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram help you connect with your customers, raise awareness about your brand and help increase your leads and revenue.

With over 3 billion people throughout the globe using social media on a monthly basis, it is certainly no passing trend. The entire marketing landscape has drastically changed with the introduction of social media. New and exciting avenues have opened for marketers that did not exist before or these channels were too complicated to implement. Brands such as Offer Factor use SEO to its advantage through their social media presence. Businesses now have a powerful and easy-to-use tool at their fingertips, which can share valuable pieces of content in seconds all over the world.

Here are five great reasons why investing in social media is an intelligent business move.

  1. Communicate Authority

Note that customers are increasingly tech-savvy and more discerning regarding which businesses they support. This is why before making a decision they will conduct a quick search in order to browse your website and social media presence. Their purchase decisions will be impacted by whether they find a rich and relevant source of information or an empty storefront.

If you set up robust profiles that are updated frequently with valuable and relevant content, it will develop your brand’s authority. In addition, it will make sure you leave a positive first impression via social media, which shows that your business organization is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and approachable. Regularly interacting and engaging with your customers also proves that your business cares about them.  Also, if you could interact with major influencers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, your visible authority will skyrocket.

  1. Brand Loyalty

Social media provides a great opportunity to increase brand loyalty. Also, one of the positive aspects of social media platforms is that you could increase brand loyalty literally for free. Statistics reveal that more than fifty million small businesses use social media platforms to market their business and to create brand loyalty. Furthermore, customers who follow a specific business on a social media platform end up becoming loyal customers as they are constantly reminded about the persona of the company.

Hence, keep this in mind when you are running your marketing campaign. When customers frequently interact with an organization or brand on a social media platform and enjoy it, they are likely to stick around for a longer period of time. An open and strategic social media plan can prove influential in converting consumers into being brand loyal.

Also, make a concerted effort to engage your customers and keep them happy. You could provide them with free giveaways and post relevant open-ended questions which will provoke them to respond positively. If available, offer promo codes for discounts; however, ensure you are not just concerned about promoting your products or services and focus on cultivating an engaging relationship with your clients.

  1. SEO

Due to the incredible amount of data and information being shared on social media, many search engines such as Google are now integrating social media results in their findings. It may not come as a surprise that many social media network themselves are gradually becoming search engines. Facebook’s graph search, for example, or Twitter is a descriptive search engine.

As such, staying active on various social media platforms can act as a great “brand signal” to various search engines that your business or brand is credible, legitimate, and trustworthy. This means, if you really want to rank higher for a given group of keywords, then having a strong and active social media presence is almost mandatory.


  1. Budget Friendly

It is also worth mentioning that social media marketing is a cost-effective way for both new and established businesses to promote themselves, especially if they are working on a tight budget. All you have to do is create your social media account and start posting relevant content in order to attract potential leads. In addition, having an account on a majority of these platforms is quick, free, and straightforward. Furthermore, there is also a paid advertisement option on these social media platforms that you could take advantage of, in case you want to target a broader audience in a short period of time.

Just by investing some money and time, you could substantially increase your conversion rates and eventually achieve the desired return on the investment of your funds. As per Hubspot, nearly 85% of marketers found that just 6 hours of effort each week was sufficient to generate increased traffic. Ultimately 6 hours is not a huge investment for a channel as big as social media.

  1. Higher Conversion Rates

This is another profound benefit of social media marketing. This mode results in much higher conversion rates in a number of distinct ways. The most significant perhaps is the humanization element; as social media interactions are much more personalized and client orientated.

The real beauty of this marketing channel is that social media is a platform where most brands could act just like people do and this is vital because people prefer doing business with other similar people and not with companies. As a result, you have social proof, loyalty and credibility in the brand as well as benefits in building an audience.

It is also worth mentioning that a greater number of social media followers improve credibility and trust in your brand. Simply building your audience on social media could help improve conversion rates on the existing traffic.

Final Thoughts

You can benefit from social media marketing no matter the specific nature of your business. When done right, social media marketing can lead to more traffic, more customers, and more conversions, and it is here to stay. Bear in mind that your competition is increasing considerably on social media with each passing day. Hence, do not let your competitors poach your probable customers. So, the earlier you start leveraging social media, the faster you will see the growth in your business.


Author Bio:

Megan Dennis is a passionate blogger. She specializes in SEO and SEM techniques. Follow @megandennis07 for more updates.

Confused on How to Promote your Business on Shoestring Budget

The mantra of a successful business is to reach out to a large number of people. The more people know about your business, the higher are your chances of success. Though that seems fairly simple and straight on paper, its implications are quite challenging, especially if you are to succeed within a tight budget.

The promotion has assumed the role of a Kingmaker for small and medium-sized business houses in the current times. Given the rising amount of daily competition, it is important to stay on your toes to make a spot for your business. Going by this general supply-demand graph, promotional activities for business are indeed very expensive. Even a small bit of promotion costs a lump sum. But where there is a will, there’s a way! Below are a few tips that you can make use of, to promote your business within a set budget.

  • Prepare your Elevator Speech: In the initial days of your business or even later it is advisable to be ready with an elevator pitch for your business at all time. Marketing and promotion is an ongoing phenomenon and is not restricted to time and space! Utilize every chance that you get to promote your business by talking about it. Since the average attention span of an adult is about 8 seconds, keep your pitch crisp and short. If you are capable to captivate your audience within that timeframe, half of the battle is won.

  • Don’t Overlook your Community: While promoting your business do not always think on a large scale. Of course, reaching out to a wider pool of audience is good, but do not undermine your local community. Organizing little activities, such as charities and marathons can be a good way to make the locals aware of your business. Small tokens such as bookmarks can be printed and distributed. Like charity, promotional activities must as well begin at home.

  • Use Social Media Activity: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are perhaps the best free platforms that you can use to promote your business. With technological advancement and our need to stay connected to the world, most people in the current times are quite active on social media. By posting on these social media handles, you are most likely to make more people aware of your business. Additionally get your family and friends to share your business post or page to reach out to the maximum number of people. It is important to update the profiles regularly to get maximum engagement. It is also very important to create attractive and good quality images for social media postings. With the help of social media designing tool, you can create one such image, which catches more eyes.

  • Free and Effective PR with HARO: As the current time demands, everything that we do, sell and buy must be supported and backed up by credible comments. For that purpose, it is important for a business to have an over enthusiastic PR team. However, that does not come at a cheap price my friend, and in fact is quite expensive. Under that light, not many small or medium sized business can think of getting their products and services reviewed by national and international magazines. But it can be done for FREE with HARO!

  • Client Review: As a general human tendency we only buy products and services when we have read or heard good reviews about it. Under that light, in order to create an effective promotional campaign invite your customers to review your product and services. Client testimonials as your diamond in the rough. Include a review section in your store or website. This will help you to gather clients’ testimonials and show them not only in your site but also in your Social Networks. Revi would be a good tool for this purpose.

  • Build an affordable Email List: Email marketing is one of the best means to reach out to a wider pool of potential clients. However, a startup or a small business may not want to spend on a monthly subscription of an email management service. Under that light, free options offered by services by MailChimp can be tried.

  • Blog Commenting: Interaction is the key to a successful business operation. The more Information you have to offer, the more people will notice you. To that end, making noteworthy comments and adding value through insights on blog posts can be effective. As more people get to know about you they might take an interest in your product/service. The idea is to make oneself visible.

Don’t let your budget hold you back from achieving your dream.

Author Bio: Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide. You can reach him out on www.princekapoor.com

10 SEO Myths to Leave Behind

Staying ahead of the game when it comes to the updates and changes to Google’s algorithm can be a tough wave to ride. Not only is Google a little shy when it comes to explaining which SEO practices are still viable and which have fallen, but there is more to worry about.
Today as we embark on a new field of organic, local SEO algorithms, there are still plenty of myths circulating that need to be left in the digital dust.

1) Google’s hostility towards SEO

On Forums and blogs, users like to point out that Google is trying to destroy the good work of white-hat SEO managers, with every update made to the algorithm. But in actual fact, Google’s latest updates have made it easier for the optimisation tactician and much friendlier for the end-user in terms of trustworthy and high-quality results.

2) One-time SEO or “fix it and leave it” is Good Enough

As users have improved their searching techniques, the SEO techniques have as well – there is no one-size fits all approach to search engine optimisation. Google’s search algorithm is an ever-changing system, to which we have to keep adapting.

3) CTR is no longer viable

Click through rates are often overlooked in modern methods of gaining a higher ranking in search results, even though it is great at keeping your site under the top search results. Even if your site is on the first page of the search for your given keywords, if it isn’t receiving enough clicks you might lose ranking. Improving CTR votes can play a factor in keeping you afloat.

4) Social signals are overrated

Social signals play, despite the misconceptions, an important role in your site’s growth. Social signals are a sign of organic growth as your site gains popularity amongst users – which adds votes to your rank as much as backlinks were a tell-tale sign of social popularity before social networks became so huge.

5) Using keyword-optimised anchor text loses you points

This myth makes the round occasionally, but under closer examination, it fails to hold up. Whilst these types of “exact-match” keyword use has been modified somewhat by the latest algorithm; it isn’t the case with anchor text. Users want to find the exact match, and keyword-optimised anchor text combined with high-quality content will get you those extra points.

6) Creating separate pages for each keyword is a winning tactic

Maybe back in the day, this used to be the case, but the workload involved in creating and optimizing a website of that magnitude will be an absolute nightmare.
. This is where good analytics comes in to help guide you to certain areas of interest from customers or clients and help you focus on the main goals of providing concise, specific content of high-quality and high-value to your customers/readers/clients.

7) 2,400 Word content length is key to SEO

Content has been a tricky business over the past few iterations of the Google algorithm. Many SEO specialists had noticed that pages that contained around 2,400 words appeared to shoot up in value in terms of search. Google has even claimed that is not the length that counts; it’s what you do with it. In other terms, variety and concise material that fits with the subject at hand works well too.

8) “Do Follow” is a horrible tactic to implement

Do follow is actually a great tool for your page to get faster indexing within search, allowing readers and customers to get access to your content quicker. This is always a sure-fire way of cementing your page higher up the search ranking, and you will often find that getting in first is a great way of getting people to link to your page first, ensuring trusted content points for your site.

9) I don’t need SEO to rank for my niche

One of the very first myths you might have encountered when starting out a blog or website is that you don’t really need to focus on SEO for your page to rank highly in the search results. Sure, there are many tools available through automated blogging or website creation utilities to give you a helping hand, such as Yost for WordPress, but even using that alone is often not enough.
A dedicated effort to find unique SEO solutions that encompass social, local and organic growth via your page is the only real way of ranking anywhere near where you’d like in search results.

10) You cannever beat a high authority site with good SEO implementation

False. Good SEO implementation is a great way to start your quest to rank highly within your niche. The trick is to keep adding a wider span of tools to awaken interest amongst readers and customers. Google’s algorithm is based on the end-user likeability of your content, and the best way to rank higher is to invest in content and publish on an ever-widening variety of platforms.
Go social, local and hone in on each particular platform you post on, uniquely identifying your audience per platform and you will start to see the benefits.
Search engine optimisation is the only true way to ensure growth and presence online, and one of the very best ways to interact and get feedback from your audience. When your audience recognises that you are catering to them, the likes, shares and votes will ensure you land the top spot you have been working hard to achieve.


Written by Amio Galib Chowdhury
Amio Galib Chowdhury is a Content Writer at WebAlive, a web development company from Melbourne. His area of interest includes anything related to the internet and technology. He mostly writes on ecommerce, user experience design and SEO.

The 5 Steps to Selling Tickets in Advance

Generating interest in an event starts long before the big day and with the number of social media users predicted to reach 2.95 billion by 2020, businesses can’t afford to overlook these channels when it comes to ticket sales. From the power of unique codes to the potential of reaching untapped audiences, social platforms can be hugely profitable for businesses who are looking to drum up interest online.

In today’s post, the marketing experts at ‘The Events Structure’ are helping you prepare for your next event by looking at 5 ways you can boost ticket sales ahead of time – ensuring this is your most lucrative course of action yet.

1. Start a hashtag

Social selling is a trend that is gaining momentum in the online world, which is great news for event planners. As well as giving you an opportunity to expand your social following, selling online also allows you to stay connected with attendees from past events – and creating a customised hashtag is a great way to generate interest from both parties.

Whether it’s the name of the event or you’re starting a hashtag that you’re hoping will become your company motto, it’s worth spending some time settling on a short and snappy phrase that followers will remember and be happy to use in their own social posts. This way, you can give your event maximum exposure and in turn, see your ticket sales soar.

2. Create a competition

Nothing will get your social media followers excited quite like a competition – and whether you’re looking to get ticket sales off to a flying start, or give those final tickets a last-minute boost ahead of the event, this is a great way to get your followers in on the action.

The key here is to give your followers something they want – and whether this is a free ticket or an exclusive discount, make sure there’s something in it for you too. Encouraging followers to like, share, follow and promote your brand on social media is a great way to put your business in front of new audiences – so it’s a win-win.

When it comes to making the all-important competition winner announcement, guarantee attendance by entrants by making it at the event itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re gathering your keen audience around a branded exhibition trailer or simply taking to the stage at an indoor venue, adding the competition to your event’s itinerary will get entrants excited and generate a buzz both on and offline.

3. Offer social media-only codes

Each social media platform has its own unique set of quirks, and what works on Instagram won’t necessarily work on Facebook. It’s worth spending some time figuring out the channels your target audience are most active on and offering codes to these users. Not only is this a great way to boost those final sales, but it will offer genuine insight into the channels most suitable for promoting events to your target audience – meaning you can use this information to inform on future events.

4. Encourage sharing

Much like the power of word of mouth, there are huge benefits to having your followers share their interest in an event. Whether it is an image of their ticket confirmation or a simple tweet expressing their excitement about an event, the more people who are posting about your upcoming event, the more engagement you’re likely to see.

If you have access to a venue ahead of an event, tweet out sneak peeks of the setup to get your followers excited and pose questions that will be sure to generate engagement online. From asking who’s coming to an event to encouraging followers to tag friends they’ll be bringing, the more people your posts can reach, the greater chance you’ll have of increasing those tickets sales ahead of the big day.

5. Promote people

Whether it’s a famous speaker or headline act, use your social media presence to engage with these people and promote them online. Your followers will be far more interested in attending an event if they are a huge fan of someone who’s speaking or performing – and chances are, you’ll be the first to tell them about it!

With people in the public eye generally having a larger social media following than those who aren’t, there’s a lot to be gained from tagging these people in your posts – and hopefully getting them involved in the social media hype.

Boosting ticket sales through your social media channels is a great way to build your online community and bring genuine value to your followers. By following these 5 top tips, you’ll soon see your social media presence expand and ticket sales soar!

Author bio:
Justin Isles is the Director of The Events Structure, the UK’s only single-source provider of state-of-the-art exhibition trailers, promotional vehicles and other event marketing solutions.

6 Snapchat Hacks for Business Branding

6 different ways that the global social media platform, Snapchat, can help build a businesses brand both locally and internationally.

Image: Pexels

With over 2.6 billion users worldwide, the power of social media as a business marketing tool definitely shouldnt be ignored. Offering the scope to reach much wider audiences in a personalized and engaging way, its no surprise that a huge proportion of businesses now dedicate marketing resources to social media activity to help grow their business.

And while mainstay platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to shape and influence the masses, younger platforms such as Snapchat are also making waves. From building audiences through live stories to encouraging event buy-in with promotional offers, in todays post, were going to be taking a closer look at Snapchat and the number of ways in which it can benefit your business.

1. Tell your story

Whether youre a new business hosting an exciting launch event or a well-established brand looking to expand your audience, its important to tell your brand story. This can help to showcase who you are and build meaningful relationships with consumers – and Snapchat stories offer the ideal platform.

With approximately 186 million active daily users globally, Snapchat gives you the tools to break down the barriers between your brand and your customers by giving them a unique insight into the day-to-day life of your brand. Creating a visual narrative using images, videos or both, a Snapchat story has the potential to bring your brand into their lives in an engaging and innovative way – keeping you in touch with your audience wherever they are.

2. Gain valuable customer feedback

Customer feedback plays a pivotal role in any successful business and with social media being tipped as the future of customer service, now could be the time to explore a social-focussed customer service strategy using Snapchat.

Snapchat provides a unique way for users to ask questions and provide feedback, as well as the capability for businesses to answer personal queries. For event planners, this can be incredibly useful, as real-time feedback and questions can be answered right away and action can be taken to help improve consumersexperience almost immediately. It also goes a long way in demonstrating that you value all customer feedback – bolstering brand perception, while also providing valuable insights for continued improvement.

3. Get time on your side

Regardless of your industry, nothing drums up interest with customers like a time-sensitive message – and Snapchats limited time functionality is perfect for creating a sense of urgency for one-off promotions, flash sales and exclusive offers, particularly with events. From limited discounts on ticket prices to exclusive on-the-day promotional codes, content with an expiration date and an exclusive message is sure to prompt followers to act and stay loyal to ensure they dont miss out on any incredible deals in the future.

4. Boost brand buy-in with behind-the-scenes access

Image: Unsplash

For a lot of customers, having behind-the-scenes access and knowledge of a brand is a big selling point and helps to personalize and humanize their interaction with your brand. By making use of Snapchat to generate exclusive footage, you can tap into the natural curiosity of your followers – blurring the boundaries between business and consumer.

From sharing exclusive footage of event setups and how you use retail tactics like dump bins and point of sale displays to industry insights and a day-in-the-life of an employee, this unique and subtle way of advertising your brand will go a long way with your audience.

5. Grow your audience with cross promotion

As with many facets of business, teaming up with other brands or industry influencers for cross-promotional purposes can deliver numerous benefits – and Snapchat is no different.

Aligning yourself with influencers within your industry with a strong Snapchat following will provide your brand with credibility – particularly for new brands competing in a competitive market. Secondly, these influencers can open the door to a much wider audience, sharing content and directing people towards your brand through association. Therefore, harnessing the value of cross-promotion could help to grow your businesss reach in more ways one.

6. Incorporate your offline marketing tactics, online

As a visual social media platform that allows you to share both photos and videos of your products with the world, Snapchat allows you to merge your offline marketing strategy with the online universe.

Through online techniques, your physical products can be shared to a larger target audience through strategies such as videoing the product unboxing process and altering your Snap Map location setting to allow anyone in your immediate area to check it out. Additionally, organic Snapchat promotion comes at no extra cost! So, whether youre a food retailer choosing to invest your brand awareness efforts in striking food packaging, or youre a service provider using experiential marketing events to promote your business, by sharing them on Snapchat not only are you able to reach more potential customers, but it wont cost you a penny in the process!

With users continuing to rise and ongoing app development, the benefits of incorporating Snapchat into your business marketing strategy could make a significant contribution to the success of your business – be it an event or single product promotion.

Author bio:

Elizabeth Raw works for R+R Packaging  providers of biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging materials for businesses within a wide variety of industries.

5 Ways to Boost Email Conversions with Customer Reviews

When it comes to eCommerce, the stores that are leading the pack are those that use email marketing to effectively communicate with their audience.

This is because email marketing is still the most effective marketing channel and produces an ROI of 4400%.

By harnessing the power of email automation platforms like MailChimp, eCommerce businesses can send subscribers personalised communications about products that they are interested in.

A great way to boost your email conversion rates is with reviews.

In this blog post, I am going to provide you with 5 ways that you can boost your email conversions with customer reviews.

The Psychological Sales Principle of Social Proof

Before we get stuck into the different ways you can use reviews in your emails, let’s first talk about why you should use reviews.

It really comes down to the powerful psychological sales principle of social proof.

This is the idea that someone is more likely to buy something that other people have previously purchased and recommended.

Reviews allow you to show that other people love your products and have had a great experience shopping with you.

With this in mind, here’s how to use this sales principle in your emails.

Recover Abandoned Carts

One of the biggest reasons that people abandon their carts during the shopping process is that they were just looking.

Although this can be frustrating, since they got so close to making a purchase, it presents an opportunity to prove to them why your products are so great.

As part of your abandoned cart email automation follow up, you can use social proof to do just this.

By showing them other happy customers, you will increase the likelihood that they will come back and purchase your awesome products.

Turning Leads into Customers

To really maximise your store’s sales, lead generation tactics should be used to capture visitors contact details who are not quite ready to purchase.

A great way to do this is in the form of a discount if they sign up to receive your newsletters.

Once you have their contact information, you can use email automation again to automatically send them emails with the aim of turning them into a customer.

One of these emails should be to deploy the social proof sales principle and show them just how happy customers are with your products.

Using an individual review is great. You can also show how many happy customers you have by providing the number of 5-star reviews you have received.

By deploying this sales principle, you will find that you are converting more leads into paying customers.

Increasing Frequent Customers

Once you have turned a lead into a customer, you want to switch your focus to get them to become a frequent customer and a raving fan.

Email automation can be used to build this relationship.

A great way to build the relationship is to make them feel a part of your community.

To intensify this feeling, you can use social proof in the form of the number of reviews you have seen.

Try using wording like this…

“You have joined a community of over 1000 happy customers.”

Show the number of reviews you have received within the same email to prove that these customers are real.

It’s these micro-interactions that will really help to build relationships and more loyal customers.

Get More Reviews with Email

Technically we are not using a review in this tip but using email to help you get more reviews.

Within the same automation sequence that is being sent to your new customers, you can deploy the power of email to collect more reviews.

To do this, set up an email to send around the time you know that your customers would have received their products.

During this stage, your customers will be really excited about the product because it is new.

Capitalise on this emotion to ask for a customer review. You can use a tool like revi to collect this review.

Increase Conversions in Promotional Emails

To really boost your sales, you should be sending regular promotional emails to your contact list.

Using customer reviews within these emails will help to boost your conversion rates.

If you are promoting a specific product, include a review of it within the email. The social proof principle will help increase trust in your audience and ultimately increase sales.

You can even consider using the overall rating of your products within promotional emails.

This can work especially well if you are promoting multiple products within the same email and are tight on space.

Underneath each product, you can include the star rating and even the number of reviews.

This will show that many people are loving your products and make people want to be a part of that group.

Email + Social Proof = Sales

When it comes to eCommerce, email marketing is going to help you build relationships and sell more.

To take your email up a level, use social proof in the form of reviews to really build the desire for people to purchase your products.


Written by Kyle Mucha

Kyle is the Co-Founder of marketpreneurs and helps businesses harness the power of lead generation and email automation to drastically increase sales. If you want to find out how you can work with Kyle and his team, you can reach him directly on kyle@marketpreneurs.co.uk or visit www.marketpreneurs.co.uk.