Online reviews vs Influencers

opiniones online vs influencers

In the past, in order to let people know about their products and to attract new customers, business people would use advertisement, either on traditional media or by using influential individuals (known as influencers). Nowadays increasingly more people bet on content marketing, thanks to company blogs or customers’ comments and reviews on e-commerce sites.

And we’re not the only one to say so. According to a research by Best Relations, small companies tend to invest less in advertising to focus on other alternatives that involve content marketing. Recent studies showed that many companies invest in content creation or in content research. In fact, just 38% of them created an ad campaign on traditional media or online with influencers this year.

Influencers’ weapons

Those who make use of the power of influencers in their campaigns are aware of the importance of online reputation of products and services, in order to affect customers’ purchase decisions. An influencer can generate a buzz starting from his own opinion about a real experience with a product. Moreover, an influencer can be considered so because he has a huge number of followers who take his opinion into consideration. So, with the help of a good influencer, we will be able to address to a real audience and we will improve our SEO.

Pay attention though. Even if influencers can reach a wide range of followers, we cannot base our e-commerce adv campaigns entirely on this. Years ago, influencers were on the top of their success, but things have changed. It is clear that the number of influencers has increased, more and more people now have a blog and they are willing to write about your product in exchange for money, discounts or free samples. And this behaviour, except for those famous influencers who already have a reputation, can cause suspects and people can think their reviews are not actually objective.

Advantages of online reviews

At the end of the day, this is what users are looking for before making a purchase: opinions. Real, consistent and precise opinions. So, why limit to just one influencer? You can give voice to your customers and turn their opinions into your best business card. With online reviews, we can all create quality content for our website since our customers’ reviews help us to generate content.

Real opinions of real customers are the best way to affect future customers’ decisions. Users see what other customers think about the product and the shop in general. Bear in mind that this also has a positive influence on your website’s SEO, given that reviews keep content up to date and Google loves that.

We don’t want to bore you any longer with all the advantages of online reviews. So, we invite you to check out weeComments to have more information. And if you have any doubt, we are here to help!! 🙂

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