The 5 Steps to Selling Tickets in Advance

Generating interest in an event starts long before the big day and with the number of social media users predicted to reach 2.95 billion by 2020, businesses can’t afford to overlook these channels when it comes to ticket sales. From the power of unique codes to the potential of reaching untapped audiences, social platforms can be hugely profitable for businesses who are looking to drum up interest online.

In today’s post, the marketing experts at ‘The Events Structure’ are helping you prepare for your next event by looking at 5 ways you can boost ticket sales ahead of time – ensuring this is your most lucrative course of action yet.

1. Start a hashtag

Social selling is a trend that is gaining momentum in the online world, which is great news for event planners. As well as giving you an opportunity to expand your social following, selling online also allows you to stay connected with attendees from past events – and creating a customised hashtag is a great way to generate interest from both parties.

Whether it’s the name of the event or you’re starting a hashtag that you’re hoping will become your company motto, it’s worth spending some time settling on a short and snappy phrase that followers will remember and be happy to use in their own social posts. This way, you can give your event maximum exposure and in turn, see your ticket sales soar.

2. Create a competition

Nothing will get your social media followers excited quite like a competition – and whether you’re looking to get ticket sales off to a flying start, or give those final tickets a last-minute boost ahead of the event, this is a great way to get your followers in on the action.

The key here is to give your followers something they want – and whether this is a free ticket or an exclusive discount, make sure there’s something in it for you too. Encouraging followers to like, share, follow and promote your brand on social media is a great way to put your business in front of new audiences – so it’s a win-win.

When it comes to making the all-important competition winner announcement, guarantee attendance by entrants by making it at the event itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re gathering your keen audience around a branded exhibition trailer or simply taking to the stage at an indoor venue, adding the competition to your event’s itinerary will get entrants excited and generate a buzz both on and offline.

3. Offer social media-only codes

Each social media platform has its own unique set of quirks, and what works on Instagram won’t necessarily work on Facebook. It’s worth spending some time figuring out the channels your target audience are most active on and offering codes to these users. Not only is this a great way to boost those final sales, but it will offer genuine insight into the channels most suitable for promoting events to your target audience – meaning you can use this information to inform on future events.

4. Encourage sharing

Much like the power of word of mouth, there are huge benefits to having your followers share their interest in an event. Whether it is an image of their ticket confirmation or a simple tweet expressing their excitement about an event, the more people who are posting about your upcoming event, the more engagement you’re likely to see.

If you have access to a venue ahead of an event, tweet out sneak peeks of the setup to get your followers excited and pose questions that will be sure to generate engagement online. From asking who’s coming to an event to encouraging followers to tag friends they’ll be bringing, the more people your posts can reach, the greater chance you’ll have of increasing those tickets sales ahead of the big day.

5. Promote people

Whether it’s a famous speaker or headline act, use your social media presence to engage with these people and promote them online. Your followers will be far more interested in attending an event if they are a huge fan of someone who’s speaking or performing – and chances are, you’ll be the first to tell them about it!

With people in the public eye generally having a larger social media following than those who aren’t, there’s a lot to be gained from tagging these people in your posts – and hopefully getting them involved in the social media hype.

Boosting ticket sales through your social media channels is a great way to build your online community and bring genuine value to your followers. By following these 5 top tips, you’ll soon see your social media presence expand and ticket sales soar!

Author bio:
Justin Isles is the Director of The Events Structure, the UK’s only single-source provider of state-of-the-art exhibition trailers, promotional vehicles and other event marketing solutions.

6 Snapchat Hacks for Business Branding

6 different ways that the global social media platform, Snapchat, can help build a businesses brand both locally and internationally.

Image: Pexels

With over 2.6 billion users worldwide, the power of social media as a business marketing tool definitely shouldnt be ignored. Offering the scope to reach much wider audiences in a personalized and engaging way, its no surprise that a huge proportion of businesses now dedicate marketing resources to social media activity to help grow their business.

And while mainstay platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to shape and influence the masses, younger platforms such as Snapchat are also making waves. From building audiences through live stories to encouraging event buy-in with promotional offers, in todays post, were going to be taking a closer look at Snapchat and the number of ways in which it can benefit your business.

1. Tell your story

Whether youre a new business hosting an exciting launch event or a well-established brand looking to expand your audience, its important to tell your brand story. This can help to showcase who you are and build meaningful relationships with consumers – and Snapchat stories offer the ideal platform.

With approximately 186 million active daily users globally, Snapchat gives you the tools to break down the barriers between your brand and your customers by giving them a unique insight into the day-to-day life of your brand. Creating a visual narrative using images, videos or both, a Snapchat story has the potential to bring your brand into their lives in an engaging and innovative way – keeping you in touch with your audience wherever they are.

2. Gain valuable customer feedback

Customer feedback plays a pivotal role in any successful business and with social media being tipped as the future of customer service, now could be the time to explore a social-focussed customer service strategy using Snapchat.

Snapchat provides a unique way for users to ask questions and provide feedback, as well as the capability for businesses to answer personal queries. For event planners, this can be incredibly useful, as real-time feedback and questions can be answered right away and action can be taken to help improve consumersexperience almost immediately. It also goes a long way in demonstrating that you value all customer feedback – bolstering brand perception, while also providing valuable insights for continued improvement.

3. Get time on your side

Regardless of your industry, nothing drums up interest with customers like a time-sensitive message – and Snapchats limited time functionality is perfect for creating a sense of urgency for one-off promotions, flash sales and exclusive offers, particularly with events. From limited discounts on ticket prices to exclusive on-the-day promotional codes, content with an expiration date and an exclusive message is sure to prompt followers to act and stay loyal to ensure they dont miss out on any incredible deals in the future.

4. Boost brand buy-in with behind-the-scenes access

Image: Unsplash

For a lot of customers, having behind-the-scenes access and knowledge of a brand is a big selling point and helps to personalize and humanize their interaction with your brand. By making use of Snapchat to generate exclusive footage, you can tap into the natural curiosity of your followers – blurring the boundaries between business and consumer.

From sharing exclusive footage of event setups and how you use retail tactics like dump bins and point of sale displays to industry insights and a day-in-the-life of an employee, this unique and subtle way of advertising your brand will go a long way with your audience.

5. Grow your audience with cross promotion

As with many facets of business, teaming up with other brands or industry influencers for cross-promotional purposes can deliver numerous benefits – and Snapchat is no different.

Aligning yourself with influencers within your industry with a strong Snapchat following will provide your brand with credibility – particularly for new brands competing in a competitive market. Secondly, these influencers can open the door to a much wider audience, sharing content and directing people towards your brand through association. Therefore, harnessing the value of cross-promotion could help to grow your businesss reach in more ways one.

6. Incorporate your offline marketing tactics, online

As a visual social media platform that allows you to share both photos and videos of your products with the world, Snapchat allows you to merge your offline marketing strategy with the online universe.

Through online techniques, your physical products can be shared to a larger target audience through strategies such as videoing the product unboxing process and altering your Snap Map location setting to allow anyone in your immediate area to check it out. Additionally, organic Snapchat promotion comes at no extra cost! So, whether youre a food retailer choosing to invest your brand awareness efforts in striking food packaging, or youre a service provider using experiential marketing events to promote your business, by sharing them on Snapchat not only are you able to reach more potential customers, but it wont cost you a penny in the process!

With users continuing to rise and ongoing app development, the benefits of incorporating Snapchat into your business marketing strategy could make a significant contribution to the success of your business – be it an event or single product promotion.

Author bio:

Elizabeth Raw works for R+R Packaging  providers of biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging materials for businesses within a wide variety of industries.

5 Ways to Boost Email Conversions with Customer Reviews

When it comes to eCommerce, the stores that are leading the pack are those that use email marketing to effectively communicate with their audience.

This is because email marketing is still the most effective marketing channel and produces an ROI of 4400%.

By harnessing the power of email automation platforms like MailChimp, eCommerce businesses can send subscribers personalised communications about products that they are interested in.

A great way to boost your email conversion rates is with reviews.

In this blog post, I am going to provide you with 5 ways that you can boost your email conversions with customer reviews.

The Psychological Sales Principle of Social Proof

Before we get stuck into the different ways you can use reviews in your emails, let’s first talk about why you should use reviews.

It really comes down to the powerful psychological sales principle of social proof.

This is the idea that someone is more likely to buy something that other people have previously purchased and recommended.

Reviews allow you to show that other people love your products and have had a great experience shopping with you.

With this in mind, here’s how to use this sales principle in your emails.

Recover Abandoned Carts

One of the biggest reasons that people abandon their carts during the shopping process is that they were just looking.

Although this can be frustrating, since they got so close to making a purchase, it presents an opportunity to prove to them why your products are so great.

As part of your abandoned cart email automation follow up, you can use social proof to do just this.

By showing them other happy customers, you will increase the likelihood that they will come back and purchase your awesome products.

Turning Leads into Customers

To really maximise your store’s sales, lead generation tactics should be used to capture visitors contact details who are not quite ready to purchase.

A great way to do this is in the form of a discount if they sign up to receive your newsletters.

Once you have their contact information, you can use email automation again to automatically send them emails with the aim of turning them into a customer.

One of these emails should be to deploy the social proof sales principle and show them just how happy customers are with your products.

Using an individual review is great. You can also show how many happy customers you have by providing the number of 5-star reviews you have received.

By deploying this sales principle, you will find that you are converting more leads into paying customers.

Increasing Frequent Customers

Once you have turned a lead into a customer, you want to switch your focus to get them to become a frequent customer and a raving fan.

Email automation can be used to build this relationship.

A great way to build the relationship is to make them feel a part of your community.

To intensify this feeling, you can use social proof in the form of the number of reviews you have seen.

Try using wording like this…

“You have joined a community of over 1000 happy customers.”

Show the number of reviews you have received within the same email to prove that these customers are real.

It’s these micro-interactions that will really help to build relationships and more loyal customers.

Get More Reviews with Email

Technically we are not using a review in this tip but using email to help you get more reviews.

Within the same automation sequence that is being sent to your new customers, you can deploy the power of email to collect more reviews.

To do this, set up an email to send around the time you know that your customers would have received their products.

During this stage, your customers will be really excited about the product because it is new.

Capitalise on this emotion to ask for a customer review. You can use a tool like revi to collect this review.

Increase Conversions in Promotional Emails

To really boost your sales, you should be sending regular promotional emails to your contact list.

Using customer reviews within these emails will help to boost your conversion rates.

If you are promoting a specific product, include a review of it within the email. The social proof principle will help increase trust in your audience and ultimately increase sales.

You can even consider using the overall rating of your products within promotional emails.

This can work especially well if you are promoting multiple products within the same email and are tight on space.

Underneath each product, you can include the star rating and even the number of reviews.

This will show that many people are loving your products and make people want to be a part of that group.

Email + Social Proof = Sales

When it comes to eCommerce, email marketing is going to help you build relationships and sell more.

To take your email up a level, use social proof in the form of reviews to really build the desire for people to purchase your products.


Written by Kyle Mucha

Kyle is the Co-Founder of marketpreneurs and helps businesses harness the power of lead generation and email automation to drastically increase sales. If you want to find out how you can work with Kyle and his team, you can reach him directly on or visit

Your customers and their opinions are your best allies


In the digital context, customer opinions are our best defenders.

Through our client reviews, we can reckon if we are heading in the right direction or not.

It often happens in life that it is not immediate to know if we are doing something good or not. Sometimes it happens that we realize over time that the events are in our favour or sticks the sticks in the wheels.

Nevertheless, the digital context does not always work that way. In fact, thanks to customer reviews, we know whether we are heading in the right direction or not. They are the foundation of our business and help us to grow. Their opinions and comments make them our best allies.

Today we tell you about the case of a restaurant that was about to close but could get back on track thanks to the reviews of its customers. He saw his mistakes as an opportunity and is now one of the busiest clubs in his area. Careful, because that’s a true story. Continue reading Your customers and their opinions are your best allies

Online reviews, the best thing that happened to small business

Online views allow consumers to hear their voices both from companies and from future customers. They are content creators and influencers in the purchase decision of other users.

They have become a powerful marketing tool within reach of all bags. It is no longer necessary to invest thousands of euros to get results. Just install a system in your ecommerce to track customer feedback, and that’s it.

Your customers can use their opinion to catapult you to the top, because the positive experience of a customer attracts even more. That’s so. In addition, they warn you of the issues that you need to polish to make things go smoothly. Online opinions are exactly what small and medium-sized businesses need to reach their full potential, and we’ll tell you why. Continue reading Online reviews, the best thing that happened to small business

How do you increase your conversion in e-commerce?


We know that success in online trading requires a call to action, to convert the amount of users who are going to be your final customers and make a purchase or contract for a service offered. Therefore, a conversion rate, the measure of all metrics, should be created for each Internet trade.

For those who have just begun in the world of the Internet, we explain the basics: what is the conversion in e-commerce? In a nutshell, the measure of conversion is the percentage of users who request a desired action, which can be according to your business model: buying a product, requesting a quote, contacting, etc. But whatever medium, the goal is always Same thing: to reach new customers.

But how do you really calculate the conversion rate? Light. Share the amount of purchases or actions on the amount of visitors. Determining the conversion rate is easy, the hardest part is the next level. How do you find forms to increase the conversion? This is another story where online reviews of your customers can really help you.

What influences the conversion rate?

Many factors have been involved: from the design of your website, its user-friendliness and easy navigation through the site, the wagon, the shipping costs, the variety of products, the immediate delivery, …

But there is one variable that upsets balance: trust.
When users want to buy a product online, they need to make sure that their purchase is smart. The product is good and the price cheap … let us remember that there are many senses that we do without online media (touch, smell, taste).

To supplement this lack of information, one often resorts to reviews and experiences of other colleagues on the Internet. To be so sure that this is the right choice.

So this is the way to increase the conversion of your internet commerce. Do everything possible to increase the confidence of your buyers in you.

The conversion rate also depends on the sector

The conversion rate varies depending on the type of industry in which we are. That is, there are products that make users feel safer buying on the Internet.

The following table separates the industry average conversion rate for ecommerce merchants:

Here we see how the used content of our buyers can help us to increase this conversion rate.

Use customer reviews on the Internet to improve your conversion of sales

One of the best ways to increase the level of conversion is to justify the content of previous purchases, and therefore it does not improve on the online ratings.

Several studies show that user-generated content has higher chances of transformation. Because it brings trust to future customers who undecidedly navigate between several open tabs on their page, with products similar to yours.

The trust that builds between your e-commerce and your customers, taking advantage of the potential of customer reviews, brings with it great benefits. People trust from scratch in other buyers’ experiences about shops and products. This makes an independent third party important, like weeComments. This can assure that the reviews come solely from real customers who have made a purchase on the website.

We believe that today there are hundreds of pages of the same products and the users are overwhelmed by too much information at the time they make their decision. Online opinions can make the difference and make the user not only have confidence in the online medium, but also in their own business.

So you get it

Electronic commerce is constantly looking for new ways to increase the conversion rate. The key is the relationship of trust that develops between the Internet and users. Something that can help you reach online, and all thanks to your customers. That’s how you start trusting, you’re only five minutes from clicking here.

The influence of online reviews on customers

When it comes to buying decisions, customers like Google are looking for a trustmark and online ratings are used. One of these signs are customer reviews. With a percentage share of up to 90%, the buyers are influenced by them at the time of their purchase.

We also know how customers are influenced beyond that. Reviews on the web influence the way Google rates websites. So we believe that this is a very interesting topic for your ecommerce. And now let’s talk a bit more about it.

Why are good online reviews of my clients so important?

Such comments affect two key areas. Since consumer views make your business much more attractive and your SEO plays a more important role, Google’s opinions tell us that others are happy with a product or service you have. As a result, this site earns a higher classification than its competitors, which do not have happy customers …. or do not share that.

The positive reviews, are useful for customers and Google and they help you with:

  1. Highlighting in search engine results
    It depends on the search engine, which is used. Your classification by stars seems to be above all other search results in Google. A thing that emphasizes you visually. Already you have managed to make your company more attractive. Visually and also because customers already know that the stars come from the reviews, from your buyers. Such stars are called rich snippets and are a great lure for your business.
  2. Flow the decisions of your buyers positively
    The positive reviews in Google and on independent review platforms are a way to show that you are a project that you can trust and pride on. Also, set up a service, an independent rating platform in your webshop, that’s the best Way to show the written reviews of buyers. The moment they need it most, at the time of purchase.
  3. Increase your rank in the search results
    The number of opinions, the frequency and the positioning. All of this plays an important role in the way Google places your business on the search engine. That means there are direct benefits in terms of your SEO, due to online reviews.

The investigations conducted by Moz, the factors for the classification of Internet searches show that ratings are an important puntk for sorting. You contribute 10% to how Google selects a webpage at the time of a search.

Where do the star ratings come from in Google (Star Rating)?

Known as “Buy Review,” Google uses the filtered reviews from various review platforms that are untrusted or questionable. The average rating of all starred pages is the result.

Actively participate in the opinions

How can you start with the online reviews? What service should you choose for online reviews and how can you encourage your customers to write reviews?

Some rating services are exclusive to people who have bought in the webshop. Such services offer more confidence than the websites that do not allow ratings. Nevertheless, these services should have their own page where all opinions are gathered, so they have an impact on Google.

WeeComments is one of these service. Your reviews will appear in your webshop and you also have an independent site. By weeComments. It shows all your customer reviews and helps you position yourself on the web. They also give security to users, those who read them.

In fact, some sites are “free” for online review, that is, anyone can say what they want, their opinion. Pages like Yelp. But it’s not wise to ask your customers for their opinions directly while others, like Google Reviews, encourage you to ask for opinions so you get more and better.

All online rating services recommend that you do not ask your buyers for positive feedback because the tactics used to get online ratings are applied in a neutral way. Make sure that the desired website uses opinions that promote such practices and are familiar with the legal issues.

The best choice is the automation for gathering opinions, it depends on the page being used, you could automate the sending of emails. By emails to customers after a purchase, it is confirmed that this leaves its verdict.

Dominate the reputation management

Treat the complaints in an effective way and the negative feedbak as a key that will enable you to have good customer service. You should understand that although the vast majority of customer comments are positive, there may be some who are not. Listen to these and learn from them to act in the right way.

If you have an average of good opinions, you do not have to worry much about isolated, negative reviews. We know that it can be very frustrating when your average rating drops and nobody likes to get bad reviews. Nevertheless, a bad opinion among many positive ones will give many people a broader and more balanced vision, and in reality, it will not hurt you as long as most reviews are positive.

Be proactive! If you get a bad opinion or a rating lower than your average, you should always publicly respond to this statement. Be polite, helpful and alert to all options to solve the problem in the best possible way. Forgive false claims in a professional and friendly way. Here’s some advice on how to respond in the best way to negative criticism.

This can easily turn a customer’s bad opinion into a statement that actually has a positive effect on buying behavior. Because it creates trust and conveys professionalism. Customers who read your answers conclude that you have a high level of customer service.

Another thing is that you are constantly getting bad customer reviews. In that case, it’s worth judging your internal actions. Maybe you should re-evaluate the processes, the nature of your customer service. The most important thing is to draw attention to the reviews just as it is important to improve your marketing strategy at this time.

Do you need support to start with customer reviews?

If you want, we can help you with the review page on the internet. Get in touch with us and help build trust between your customers and improve your SEO.

More reviews. More trust. More sales.

opiniones online ventas

There are many kinds of companies, but they all have something in common: customers. And all customers have something in common: they have opinions. No matter what your field is, there is a clear relation between the number of customer reviews and the percentage of sales. This relation is pretty simple: more product reviews, more sales.

Continue reading More reviews. More trust. More sales.

How to obtain positive reviews on your e-commerce


Psst.. let me tell you a secret! If you want to obtain positive reviews on your e-commerce there are a couple of things that you should bear in mind. Many may seem obvious, but are you actually applying them? If you aren’t, then sit back, relax, and keep reading, because we are about to unveil 7 techniques to get more positive reviews from your e-commerce customers.

Continue reading How to obtain positive reviews on your e-commerce