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Are you an agency? Join our affiliation program

Revi’s affiliation program is focussed on agencies, and also individuals who work with client portfolios in online or physical stores. Betting on an online review system like Revi is a wise and positive decision for businesses. Why? Because it is essential to build and maintain a positive online reputation in an ecommerce. In addition, it improves the SEO of the entire web project plus the Google stars, or the Rich Snippets.

What’s Revi’s affiliate program?

At Revi we are aware of the importance of marketing in online businesses and, therefore, we offer a FREE version. We understand that some online stores work together with marketing agencies, digital strategy professionals who help their customers every day. For this reason, we offer a comission to all agencies or individuals who want to join our affiliation program.

It is a simple way to get commissions: referring and bringing new stores to Revi. All those online and physical stores that register on your behalf will be provide a comission to you, forever. The process is simple, you just have to register to the affiliate program from our FAQ and fill in the details. An affiliate link will be provided on the spot. The next step is to send that link through your clients so they can registrer an be part of Revi. Easy right?

Steps to register to the affiliation program:

1. Register on the affiliate page
2. Fill in your details / Fill in the agency details
3. Share your affiliate link
4. Get registrations that come from you through your affiliate link
5. Earn commissions from all quality records

How does the affiliation program work?

Our affiliation program is directed to media, and/or agencies that work with e-commerce, influencers from the sector, and other influential people on the business. The main thing is how visible your affiliate link is, the rest comes alone. This link can be placed in multiple ways:

  • Write about Revi on a blog and add your affiliate link.
  • Recommend Revi on ​​a newsletter and don’t forget your affiliate link.
  • Name us in your social media posts.
  • Be bold and include your link on a banner campaign.
  • Leave us a space on your website. Everything will be benefits.

How do I see the evolution of my affiliate contacts in Revi?

In the same way that all Revi clients have their internal panel with all the tools of our opinion system; you will also have your affiliate panel. As a result, you will be able to see in real time if your affiliate link with us works correctly. You just have to click on any of the links and make sure that it takes you to our home page, Revi’s main page. If you detect any error or problem, our FAQ and we will get back to you within 24 working hours.


What’s the benefit of the affiliation program?

For real, and we know how appealing is the economic income being an affiliate in Revi. You don’t have any expenses, just the opposite. You receive monthly benefits and it continues over the years. Your commissions will be real the moment someone signs up with your affiliate link. The income is subjet to the subscription which should be PRO or PREMIUM.

Do you have questions about our affiliate program? Take a look at our FAQ’s where you will find all the detailed, simple and fast information about affiliation. You can also contact our FAQ, we will be more than happy to help you.

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