New Revi’s Affiliation Panel

Are you  a digital marketing profesional and still do not know about our affiliation program? What are you waiting for? Our affiliation program is aimed at both: agencies and individuals who work with e-commerce clients. And, like any other, it allows you to earn commissions for each subscription you bring.

At Revi, we are constantly updating and we have improved the affiliation panel.

More intuitive and functional panel

Previously, the Revi dashboard was just a tab that grouped both general statistics, as well as available customer and billing information. Now, we have divided the panel into four different tabs: general statistics, profits, my affiliates, and billing.

The information is better organized, with a much more intuitive design. Or at least that was the intention 🙂

new affiliation panel

General statistics

New general statistics panel for members of our affiliation program. On this tab, you can see an evolution of the records, amount charged, as well as the income you get and the amount pending collection that you have up to date.

You will also keep track of the number of registered stores and the total accumulated income. Remember that, with our affiliation program you receive 30% of your client’s monthly spending during the first year, and 5% after the second year.


In order to receive comisisons your client will have to register through a link provided by you. This link can be found clicking on the “utilities” tab, right on the top. It is VERY important to register from the link provided for the records.

You can add this link wherever you want: your own blog, external blogs, your own website, monthly newsletters … We leave it up to you.

On this tab, you also can find 3 banners to be placed on a visible area of ​​your website, like this:


You will also find our presentation document and three different installation tutorials on the main CMS: Prestashop, Woocommerce, and Magento. Although, as you can see, Revi has a very quick and easy installation.

My affiliates

On this tab, you will find a full list of the clients who have registered through your link, and information regarding: type of subscription, registration date, expiration date, percentage of commission you earn (30% or 5% ) and the running total.

In addition, you can also check the payment history of each of them.


Finally, on the billing tab the totals are shown from the time you registered as a Revi affiliate, as well as the total available. Remember that you can request a withdrawn when you have accumulated at least € 100. You will simply have to request the payment, we will take care of the rest.

If you have already requested the payment several times, a collection history will also appear.

And that’s it! A much more intuitive and functional panel, right? Now we leave it up to you: get clients and earn commissions.

Do you need more information about our affiliation program? In that case, you can contact us at or register .

Or maybe you are also interested in our blog article on affiliation:


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