How to increase sales with Revi’s widgets

Have you ever seen a “bubble” or “floating thingy” at the corner of a website, for example? Well, those are website widgets. Today we are going to talk about customer review widgets: benefits, uses, personalization, and much more.

There are so many websites with a limited functionality for different reasons. One of them, is that a majority of them use a template that require some additional work and research if you really want to customize them to your liking.

It’s key to add some thoughtful value to your site in order to make it more functional, or go that extra mile will make you stand out  within your competitors. Interesting right? Continue reading.

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Best free tools to gain SEO positioning for your E-Commerce

Positioning on the web is one of the biggest challenges that e-commerce face on daily basis. What we propose is: free SEO tools. Did you know that there were some tools that could help you in the positioning and sale of your products at zero cost?

Knowing free SEO tools is the decisive mechanism to drive your ecommerce success on the web. SEO positioning can help to place your company on the top positions in the Google search engine. Increasing, in parallel, the sales of your company.

Sounds good, right? Mastering this type of free applications, you will be able to position your ecommerce thanks to a more careful and effective SEO. Whether you are a veteran in the e-commerce or a newcomer to this adventure, this article is perfect for you. Would you like to continue reading more?

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Ecommerce keeps growing in Mexico after the pandemic

The population in Mexico has embraced new consumption habits in the e-commerce world, and has driven it to a growth of 81% compared to the numbers before the pandemic. We just have to look back to see that e-commerce consumption data has evolved very upward in this country. This is because citizens have changed their consumption habits. How did it happen?

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Free tools for your e-commerce

When we talk about e-commerce, we refer to the purchase and sale of products and /or services through the World Wide Web. E-commerce has two characters during the transaction: a buyer and a seller.

There are a number of on-line free tools that help trusting the entire transaction, and one of them is the user generated content, more concretely: on-line reviews.

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