Our best friends-Siri, Alexa & Co.- A review of the first usable AI

First forms of Artificial Intelligence have been around for a while. Most people know them as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant or Chatbots on webpages. In this blog post, we want to explain how AI evolved with time and what it is. Moreover, we will compare the evolution of Siri and other AI-helping-devices and finally review them as a product itself. So, in the end, it should be pretty clear how we, as a user, can benefit from it.

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Why Instagram is so important for your business

Social network’s power is limitless for business, especially Instagram. One billion people use Instagram, putting like to 3,5 billion posts per day and sharing 95 million posts each day. It’s the social media with the best potential in terms of conversion rate if it’s used right. The rise of digital marketing has shown how this new way of communication is more effective for brand reputation. Purchases are not only simple transactions anymore. To call them “experiences” is more appropriate. Companies are starting to build long-term relationships with their clients getting more trust and engagement as results. It’s safe to say that these new kind of media are replacing the classic ones like radio, TV and newspapers.

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The plague of fake news

Fake news is not a new phenomenon. In the Middle Age, the emperor Constantine was miraculously cured of leprosy by Pope Sylvester I. As a sign of gratitude, he converted to Christianism and he donated to Church one-third of his empire. If you were wondering what’s the matter with fake news, well, this was the first of human being’s history. In the sixteenth century, Lorenzo Valla, an Italian humanist, proved that the Donation of Constantine’s was a forgery.  However, this fake news helped the rise of the Church’s throughout the ages. In fact, that document was exploited every time in order to assert control over various territories. As we can see, fake news are a plague since ancient time.

What is fake news?

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How to handle negative reviews

Sometimes, satisfied prospects, customers and guests don’t find a good reason to evaluate your company positively.  Despite the fact that they are happy with it and may tell their family and friends about it, not necessarily will share their opinion the online community.

However, when someone is unhappy with the service or product, every reason for dissatisfaction will de be detailed on review platforms. Whether true or not, any negative review will cause harm.

Before buying a product, booking a hotel and placing an order, most potential customers research the Internet – and hardly any company is not rated negatively here and there. So read this article to find out what to do about bad ratings and how to deal professionally with negative reviews.

How to increase Instagram followers for your eCommerce store

There´s no better publicity for your online store than having plenty followers on Instagram. It shows that your products are trendy, your content is relevant and your brand is just popular. And not to forget the most important, followers that already like your brand are likely to be your next buyers. But easier said than done, getting followers is not exactly a piece of cake. So we want to give you some useful tips on how to increase Instagram followers and expand the reach of your brand.

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The Upheaval – A Review of Electric Vehicles

It is obvious that our environment is changing. Along with that goes the industry of electricity and mobility. The term “E-Mobility“, for example, describes the development of electric-powered drivetrains. Those drivetrains are supposed to power electric vehicles. With this ideology, the industry of electricity will move away from fossil fuels or carbon gas emissions and towards renewable energy. In this blog post, we want to review the competing brands in the industry of electric vehicles (EV). Continue reading The Upheaval – A Review of Electric Vehicles