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Best free tools to gain SEO positioning for your E-Commerce

Positioning on the web is one of the biggest challenges that e-commerce face on daily basis. What we propose is: free SEO tools. Did you know that there were some tools that could help you in the positioning and sale of your products at zero cost?

Knowing free SEO tools is the decisive mechanism to drive your ecommerce success on the web. SEO positioning can help to place your company on the top positions in the Google search engine. Increasing, in parallel, the sales of your company.

Sounds good, right? Mastering this type of free applications, you will be able to position your ecommerce thanks to a more careful and effective SEO. Whether you are a veteran in the e-commerce or a newcomer to this adventure, this article is perfect for you. Would you like to continue reading more?

Our curated list of FREE SEO tools

Our intention is to help and show you which are the free SEO tools. The mission is to optimize your website to gain greater visibility on Google. By doing so, we can certainly ensure that new users who enter your webpage will turn into clients. And, above all, at the best price: FREE.

Have you just uploaded your products to the web and you don’t know what else to do? Do not panic by so many tools if you have just joined the world of ecommerce, these applications are only going to help you grow. There is no need to spend a lot of money to position your business. Here is how…

Our ranking of  “Best 7 free tools to gain SEO positioning” are:

  • Revi.
  • Google My Business.
  • Adwords.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Answer the Public.
  • Google Trends.
  • Google Search Console.


One of the best options to improve the positioning of your ecommerce is through customer reviews. It’s a proven fact that customer reviews build online trust to other potential customers. Therefore, customer reviews are essential in an online store.

Revi is a free tool that will help you optimize your products while gaining new clients. Thanks to their reviews, you will be able to sell more. How? Easy. All user comments from your eCommerce will become Google Stars on your Google Shopping products.

The equation is very simple:

  1. Register your online store in Revi.
  2. Send an automatic email to your customers after their purchase.
  3. Your client leaves an opinion.
  4. The opinion on your webpage is updated.
  5. Handle reviews through an internal panel.

This way you will be able to stand out from the competition and reach the first position of Google with your products. Without a doubt, Revi is one the top online review system for ecommerce. Still doubting? Install it and start using it for FREE, forever.

If you want to know more about how to get new customers through opinions, click here.

Google My Business

Improving your positioning through free SEO tools, like Google My Business, is very simple. Having an information tab in Google is the perfect solution to improve the local SEO of your e-commerce. For example: Did you know that in 2 years searches ‘near’ and ‘near me’ have grown by 900%? This is the kind of useful information that can be provided having this tool.

Thanks to the Google My Business tab, Internet users will get to know all the details of your company and thus position you above the competition. Basics such as location, phone number, or category can be decisive in getting new customers.


The Google Ads keyword planner is the third free tool that we bring to you in order to improve the SEO positioning of your eco-commerce. Thanks to this platform you will have the option of knowing the monthly volume of searches that each keyword has.

In particular, you will be able to discover which are the most used keywords related to your online business. A perfect tool that will help you redirect your web content if it has gone astray or enhance our products based on the success of the competition.

Google analytics

Are you one of those people who like to have everything under control? Then this Google Analytics is a match! With Analytics you can control, 24/7 everything that happens in your ecommerce. Through obtaining data and reports you will improve your SEO positioning and thus gain more active clients for your website.

Among many other things, thanks to this free tool you will be able to obtain very detailed information related to the location of users who enter your ecommerce, at what time they visit, how long they are, how they behave on your page, or even from what kind of device they connect.

Working on the SEO of your e-commerce through a free tool such as Analytics is one of the most effective solutions to optimize your website.

Answer the Public.

What if instead of analyzing the results afterwards we stop for a few seconds before starting to work and think about what the users want? That is the goal of the Answer the Public tool, to listen to people and ask yourself what they are looking for on the Internet.

Your function will be to choose a keyword on which you want to work and by simply pressing the ‘search’ button you will be able to find out all the questions surrounding this keyword on Google. This free tool will be your ally when it comes to writing a post on your blog, or writing the information to different sections, or even writing the product sheets.

For example, if we search the word chocolate. It generates, among many others, the question of “Can chocolate cause acne?” If your ecommerce is related to food we would highly recommend to include the answer to this question on your products. Google users have searched for it several times, you may want to give them an answer.

Google Trends

With Google Trends you will get to know the tendencies that are succeeding currently on the web. Knowing the current trends is essential to gain traffic on your website, and thus improve the positioning of your website.

But this is not all, another of the functions of Google Trends is to compare different terms to discover which one has the most searches during a certain time and in a certain place. In this way, you will get out of doubt and opt for the keywords that are succeeding the most.

Google Search Console

And finally, the last (but not the least) we bring to you is Google Search Console. Do you know what its functions are? It is a Google tool that is mainly responsible for controlling the SEO On Page of your ecommerce.

As a result, you can obtain information such as clicks received, impressions, or usability of the page. In addition, it is the tool that serves to control that all your web content is correctly indexed in search engines. And all at zero cost!

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