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Ecommerce keeps growing in Mexico after the pandemic

The population in Mexico has embraced new consumption habits in the e-commerce world, and has driven it to a growth of 81% compared to the numbers before the pandemic. We just have to look back to see that e-commerce consumption data has evolved very upward in this country. This is because citizens have changed their consumption habits. How did it happen?

Nowadays, consumer godos such as, food, furniture, clothing, and even household bills, are paid through online apps. The purchase and sale of products, and services through the network has ceased to be something odd to become part of our routine. Electronic commerce continues to grow; and Mexico is, without a doubt, the best example of this. In which way has the pandemic favored the increase in e-commerce numbers in Mexico?

Causes of the increase of the ecommerce in Mexico

COVID-19 has been accompanied by countless negative consequences: job losses, health crisis, restrictions, and social distancing … But if there is one field that has known how to adapt to the circumstances is: the ecommerce in Mexico. It is worth mentioning that by 2019, Mexico has already begun to experience constant growth. Thanks to the rise of new technologies and its easy accessibility to the population, along with logistics, and distribution expansion. Mexico was able to gather the necessary ingredients for ecommerce to get on the podium.

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Many businesses in the country have been forced to carry out a rapid and decisive digitization process to guarantee the continuity of their brand. Opening this new selling channel has been the only solution so that many businesses did not permanently lower the blind.

First, the impossed social limitations and restrictions, in which avoiding human contact has been essential for the change. By increasing the number of companies with an online presence, consumers have seen how the offer has increased if we compare it with 2019. In addition, this is not the only cause of the increase in electronic commerce in the country, but also the protection and safety against electronic fraud during the purchase, or the possible guarantees against damage or defect of the product(s).

Second, payment methods, and a wider information about the products. The possibility of different payment methods makes it easier for the customers to choose between different options. Along with this, products with detailed information, photographs, and characteristics of the products also help customers to bet on this new habit of digital consumption.

It is worth mentioning the rise on promotions and online discounts. A trend that many of Mexico’s digital companies have already applied. Undoubtedly, a strategy that makes the purchase in an ecommerce more attractive than the physical one. On one hand, many families are going to an uncertain economic situation, so any savings are always welcomed. On the other hand, companies keep moving their stocks, so the economy continues moving forward.

E-commerce in Mexico today

The uncertainty came when the restrictions ended and people went out into the streets again. But no. The reaction to the already listed causes plus the slow return of some of the physical activities have mantained the e-commerce on a growth position. Currently, food delivery, perishables, medicines, and technology are the products that generate the greatest interest to make online purchases.

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E-commerce in Mexico, which platforms are helping it?

Mexico has stepped up the e-commerce. Whether it is to buy furniture, or to book their vacations online. Mexicans use the web to fill their cart with products. Free e-commerce platforms such as REVI, increase trust in e-commerce, as it ensures 100% reliable and truthful reviews.

As a result, people look out for other customer’s experience with the store, and the purchased product(s), so the can make a better choice. But REVI is not just online review, but also a tool to improve SEO positioning on Google.

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It is undeniable that the pandemic has contributed to the e-commerce growth in Mexico. A turning point that has very positive results for the development of the country’s digital businesses. It is a reality that ecommerce in Mexico has grown a lot after the pandemic. The challenge now is to find the tools to become a leader in your sector.

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