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Free tools for your e-commerce

When we talk about e-commerce, we refer to the purchase and sale of products and /or services through the World Wide Web. E-commerce has two characters during the transaction: a buyer and a seller.

There are a number of on-line free tools that help trusting the entire transaction, and one of them is the user generated content, more concretely: on-line reviews.

Revi is a free tool for your e-commerce

Nowadays, we are constantly taking in consideration reviews from different products before we purchase them, ending up thinking whether to trust them, or not.

Well, Revi is a free tool that aims to generate customer reviews, and verify its veracity. We provide reviews 100% from real costumers.

Many times, we believe that reviews we see on the websites are 100% genuine, but this is often not the case, and from Revi, we want to change that. How do we do it?

Once the customer has purchased the product, or used the service, he receives an e-mail where she/he writes a review about the website. The review will reflect the ease of navigating the website, and the whole service/experience itself. Why? Very simple, we want your costumer experience to be as best as possible.

After the product has been delivered to the costumer. Revi, gives the chance to review each single product/service purchased (expectations, size, materials, quality, durability, design…) Thanks to detailed reviews, other costumers will have a better reference when purchasing the same product, and have a better idea of what they are about to get.

These opinions are public, so anyone can see from the website the reviews from other users who have purchased that product. Furthermore, it improves the SEO of the website: Google loves to know that the webpage has reviews froms customers, and as much content has, the better.

In addition, Revi offers you some benefits when opting for its opinion generator.

  • Security: Customers will feel safer, and more comfortable buying a product on a website that has verified reviews, rather than other that has no reviews.
  • Increase in advertising: By having satisfied customers we improve the advertising of the store, so that the users will come to your website without any problem.
  • Improve SEO positioning: The fact that your customers have the option of being able to comment on your products, and on your website gives you more credibility. Giving the costumers more confidence to purchase. By saving all the reviews on the website, Google detects that users are interested on your web, and ranks it in the best position.
  • Shared opinions on social media: Revi is able to share all customer reviews on social media. This is a great advantage, not only because it increases publicity, but also because thanks to people’s reviews appearing on the social media, other potential customers can get to know your website, and generate sales.
  • Real opinions: Revi guarantees that all the opinions published are from customers who have purchased on your website, there are no tricks here.
  • Multilanguage: No matter the spoken language of your clients. Revi can obtain reviews from different languages ​​and display them on the website.
  • Cross-selling: When you are looking to a product and you are about to purchase it. You may also find a list of product related to the one you are looking at.
  • Mediation process: When a customer leaves a negative opinion, the store receives a notification with some tips on how to manage an unsatisfied client. You have the possibility to contact the customer to be able to solve the problem. Afterwards, you can invite the customer to modify their review.
  • SEO Reviews: The reviews are stored on the website itself. Meaning that, when the client enters the website they have available all the reviews.
  • Auto-publish: With Revi you can create your own Facebook tab page, where you can share the latest reviews straight from your website, and bring traffic to your e-commerce.

Why using free platforms for my website?

The customer experience on your website is a key factor to take into account, and that influences the decision process before the purchase takes effect.

Using valuable platforms have a good number of advantages:

  • Automation processes, and time saving.
  • Facilitate an omnichannel strategy.
  • Integrates the creation, and release of new products and catalogs.
  • Easily integrate all independent e-commerce processes.
  • They allow flexible and global communication.

Try Revi today, and start improving your e-commerce!


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