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How online reviews affect purchase decisions

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According to a research published by the company Goodsnithc, 89% of Internet users think that online shops should implement a customers’ reviews system, no matter if they are good or bad. Moreover, interviewees state that they prefer e-shops that communicate with their clients with the aim of improving their products and services.

As we have already explained in previous articles, online opinions directly affect sales: the more you sell, the more opinions you get; the more opinions you get, the more you sell. Even if it looks like a tongue-twister, this sentence can be translated into a simple equation: online reviews deeply affect users’ purchase decision or the moment that Google calls Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

The Net changed the way we decide what to buy. People used to believe that buyers would spend little time in deciding whether to buy a product or not. Which is not true at all. The purchase process has become more complex, due to the various possibilities that the Internet offers. As a consequence, the ways of stimulating users to make a purchase have evolved.

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You can’t ignore online reviews

opiniones online

It’s evident that new technologies have changed the way companies interact with their customers. And vice versa. Nowadays everyone is a potential content and information generator about a product or a service. People talk, that’s inevitable.

I like to believe that big companies that ruled the market, sitting peacefully on their comfy thrones in the hall of fame, those who claimed they were always listening to their customers but never actually did, were afraid of them.

I don’t like it, I love it

So far, customers haven’t had the means to make companies listen to their complaints, especially the biggest companies, especially online. Companies kept closing their ears and playing dumb. But social networks started echoing customers’ opinions, and companies were forced to wake up.

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Involve your users in your e-commerce

Involve your online users in your e-commerce

Thousands of websites try to reach the top positions of Google in order to increase their e-commerce sales, while a minimal number of websites are in the queue, waiting to have a small share in the online world.

Attractive designs and a unique website features are used to get the customers attention and have them stay on your website a little longer. Although this seems like an easy task, the reality is very different. A lot of websites are disappearing because they are not getting enough customers attention.

Maintain the involvement of your visitors and convert them into customers

Visitors usually spent only a few minutes on a website. There is no positive response in terms of acquiring services and buying products, even after looking at the different services and products on the website. In this case, the best you can do is to keep innovating your website and keep the customer attracted to it as long as possible. The website has to have something catchy if they want the customer to be interested.

The owners of websites also have to accept that a lot of users just visit their website without buying anything. Speaking of which, there a multiple reasons why this happens.

Here are some reasons why visitors decide to leave a website without purchasing anything.

Ads about products and services

Having quality ads about your products and services is one of the most important parts. When an ad is annoying, it can lead to the loss of customers. There is no denying that the “pay per click” or PPC is the most efficient way to increase web traffic. It is the easiest way to attract visitors to your website. It also makes sure that the only people who click on it, are actually interested in your website.

Whenever a user is looking for a specific keyword in google, he/she will see the ad to your website, this will make unique visitors attracted to your website. It is important to use the correct keywords as it can affect you negatively when using the wrong ones.

Note: Before implementing the PPC process, study and focus on your end goal.

Optimal online store

Many online websites have a complicated structure. The reason for this is that when you sell a lot of products or services, you will divide your website in different categories. If the user does not easily find what he wants he will leave the website because he does not want to waste his time on something that is hard to find.

Note: It is important to have a clear description of the product and services. You want your customers to understand what you are selling. Make your page easy to navigate through.

Web design

Website owners, when it comes down to creating a good online store, make your website modern and focus a lot on the design part. You will not be able to create a website that attracts all of the users, so don’t worry to much on every ones needs.

Note: Try not to complicate the design, but create a modern and attractive online store.


Real and precise information

Lack of information on your website might be another reason why clients leave your website. Some customers prefer getting help before making any decisions on any type of purchase. It is important for your “contact us” page to be very visible, easy to work with, and updated with all the correct information. Some things that should be on the website is an email address, contact number, office address and other stores.

Note: make sure the contact is always visible and easily accessible in order to avoid doubts of the customer and potential customers.


Online marketing and social media

When having an online store, it is crucial as well to have other professional marketing forums. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others will make sure that people get to know about your website. Make sure you use you pay attention at the time of the internet marketing like SEO and SEM.

Note: Another website where you can add extra information and discounts is as important as the website itself.

Quality pictures with a product description

Another important part is that you need to have quality pictures with high definition. Don’t forget that a picture has more than a thousand words. Besides that it is important to have a clear description of the product.

These are all important points that will help you create an unique online store to impress the online world, giving you the popularity of an ecommerce site that will make your customers spend more time on your website, which will lead to an increase in sales and encourage more customers to leave comments.


How to integrate customers’ reviews into social networks

Four ways to implement customers’ reviews in your marketing strategy and social media.

We have all read the customer reviews on online web shops. Online shoppers tend to rely on buyers who have firsthand experience with products from an online store that they are interested in. A large percentage, between 60%-90% of online users admits that they always read the customers reviews before buying something online.

With that, for expensive products, almost 75% agrees that reading the customers reviews is part of the natural process of buying online.

With this scenario, it is a must that companies succeed in implementing the reviews of their customers in their social media strategy. This is where customers, users, and future clients spend a lot of their free time reading and believing opinions of those who have already bought products.

Integrating customers’ opinions in social networks goes beyond just publishing the opinions on networks and just leave them there. The goal is to show your customers are very proud and happy to buy from your online store. When they understand what your business is about, they will pay more attention to your business.

We will point out that having an independent customer opinion service is needed on your website. You need to strategically use this type of consumer-generated content in your overall marketing efforts, as well as your social media strategy. It is very rewarding when you share your customers experience on all social media and see your credibility grown exponentially.

We will talk about four different ways on how to get the most out of your customers reviews by merging them with the correct social media strategy.

  1. Stay updated on what your customers think, no matter where they are.

Online shoppers value the products in the online stores because it is very easy to do and sometimes comes with a discount, let’s be honest. Think about Amazon. They also use third party sites to let their customer talk about their shopping experience. We can find the customers´ experiences on multiple websites which makes it hard to keep track of them, but it can be done with organization.

When you enter some general opinion sites like Yelp, or of course Facebook you might be surprised on how much negative comments you have without knowing it. Some of these comments might convince people that your product or service is not good.

Investigate where the opinions about your products come. Make a list and review these websites regularly. Develop a system to respond to criticism and to spread positive opinions in your social networks. It is crucial to answer to all the negative comments, but also the positive ones. This is an easy way to show them that you do not just show up when you are trying to fix your reputation, but show them that you care about all opinions.

  1. Answer fast on negative comments

One negative comment may have more impact than a dozen positive ones. This is why you need to respond on these questions and solve the problems as soon as possible.

Responding immediately makes the buyer feel important. The sooner you clarify the questions, find the mistake, and fix the issue, the more satisfied your customer will be.

Responding fast gives the users of your website a good impression. They are happy to see that you are trying to solve existing problems.

  1. Publish the negative and positive comments on your social networks.

Users love reading other people´s comments online. Publishing them on your Facebook page, tweeting them, or adding them to other social accounts increases the trust of the customer because it shows that you are open about everything. You will see more interaction between your customers in the post about “before and after” or customers review in your social media accounts. We know it is tempting, but listen, you do not only want to respond to the positive comments because you will lose all your credibility. Don’t forget to also respond to reviews with only two or three stars. Explain the customer who left a comment how you solved your problem, and do not forget to thank them about their honest comment. Don’t forget to be “you”. The more you are yourself, the more positive reviews you will get. Users are positivily impresses by honesty. It builds credibility, loyalty, and sales.

4. Follow-up your answers on your social media accounts

There are many ways to monitor the impact of the reviews you post on your social accounts. You need to do it the same way that you track other statistics generated by the user. To obtain an accurate image, add to each review the URL of the product in question, a keyword and category. The more details you add, the better you know what is working and what is not.

Is all this effort worth it? YES!

In a recent study by Millward Brown, 87% of the consumers say that Pinterest is a very popular site to review customers` advice and opinions. And that is just a social media platform.

It is clear, the customers decide what to buy and where depending on your openness on social media. Think about this wisely. Integrate opinions and scores into your social networks to increase your commitment when it comes down to responding on reviews.

At WeeComments we totally support these findings. Take a look at all the possibilities of integrating customer reviews on social media with us.

Cyber Monday / Black Friday, tips to optimize sales


Tips to improve sales on Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are considered the two most popular days to buy online. When using the test A/B and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to increase your e-commerce is a must to maximize your sales during these days of business. Especially when doing business in e-commerce.

Today we will talk about the guide “Black Friday” by Optimizely. This is a company that works with some of the biggest electronic businesses of the world like Sony, Microsoft, o Sonic and many others. Throughout the years they have done the A/B test very carefully to know how they could increase their sales. They have shared this knowledge with us, and now we will share this with you.

We hope that you will use these tips for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Let`s go!

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Positive opinions online: how to obtain more


Successful companies focus on their reputation. It is important for them to have positive reviews in e-commerce. We live in a world where the customer can make or break a business. “The client is always right”. Positive reviews help the company grow. But on the other side, bad reviews can also break the momentum which will result in a decline of the results.

Here are some tips to help your company generate and obtain more online positive reviews.

Take all reviews into account 

No matter when the reviews were made, they should always be taken into account, and with new reviews, positive or negative, it is a good way to see if the company is doing well or if it should implement changes to the faults. It is also strongly recommended to analyze negative reviews in order to avoid future problems in the future.

To solve the problems means that you are concerned about the needs of the customer and that you are listening to their doubts and queries. This helps to increase the confidence of your online store as well as the veracity of the positive reviews of the customer.

Do not panic when you get a negative review. Stay positive. It is okay to make mistakes, but don’t forget to apologize. Making a list with all the possible reasons why there might be an error and all the consequences of it will help solve the problem in the best way possible. This shows that the customer’s opinion has been taken into account and that the incident will not happen again in the future.

How to ask for more opinions

You can implement a “track your order” or carry out a “customer service after the sale”. This is an easy way that takes up less time to get the customers review. You can give them the option to check a box “I am satisfied with the service” or “I would like to give my opinion”. thanks to this, the customer will have a better option to leave their review and your company will more likely receive positive reviews and better recommendations thanks to your customer service.

The majority of the owners of online shops make the error to not add a page for the customer to leave a review. This reduces the possibility to acquire opinions of the customer. It is important to realize that the customers’ opinion is very important in the long run as good reviews help you to increase your sales.

Having a strong online presence

Having a strong online presence is necessary, you need to be visible and social with the people. By just doing that you will already be able to get a lot of potential clients for your online store. But it is extremely important that you carefully chose the social media you will be present on. Not all companies should advertise everywhere. Being present on all social media, even the ones that do not benefit you could damage the reputation of your company.

Having a good e-commerce marketing strategy will help you to target your audience. Every time a customer buys a product on your online shop, it is critical to send him a follow-up email asking for his opinion. Thanks to this, you will be able to receive tons of opinions about your online store.

Besides that, your online shop should have a clear and easily accessible forum with the opinions of the customer. You should also be able to generate them. Another important aspect is that you should take into account that the version of your online shop must be accessible for all. Today a lot of customers use their mobile phones for their researches. Having an online shop that is accessible on phones is crucial. It is a must that the online shop can adapt.

Use a closed tone

The choice of words you choose plays an important role when customers decide to leave a positive review. Some examples of this may be: replace the word “review” with “comment” and then asking for an opinion or the customers’ experience, use “participate” instead of “request”. This way the customer is more likely to give you positive feedback for your company.

When responding to a positive or negative comment it is important to stay neutral. It helps to write the name of the customer, thank him for using your website, and help him solve the potential problem. It is important to know what product or service he used. For example, “Thank you for your interest in our products Mr Name. We hope that you will use our website again for your future purchases”. It helps for sales in the future.

Use the law of reciprocity

the law of reciprocity states that if you are good to a person, that person will be good for you. Just like that, companies can use this to encourage more and more customers to leave reviews on their products or services.

A good way to start is to send welcome gifts, discounts for upcoming purchases, or simply details that come with the product. When customers receive unexpected gifts like these, they are more likely to leave a review.

If you help your customers you will get more positive reviews for your company in return. Entertain your audience, take care of them, be there for them when they need it, talk to them, promote a social cause,… these are some reasons that will help bring potential customers to your online store. You will have positive reviews from a faithful public.

Are you using other methods to improve the number of positive reviews on your website? Do not hesitate to share them with us!