3 Packaging Tips To Improve The Customer Experience

As the day to day retail and e-commerce industries continue to be saturated with competitors, it’s common for businesses to find it challenging to attract and retain customers. Consequently, businesses are using packaging as a way of enhancing their customers’ experience in an attempt to establish and maintain a consumer relationship between customer and brand.

Today, the packaging experts over at Kendon Packaging will offer up their best tips on how your business can do the same, showing you how you can utilise your product’s packaging as a marketing tool to improve the overall customer experience – hopefully keeping consumers coming back to your brand time and time again.

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Quality over quantity

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a product’s packaging – after all, it’s just going to get ripped apart and thrown away, right?

On the contrary, the role of packaging has evolved within recent years from a purely functional material to an effective marketing device. Consumers have begun making purchasing decisions influenced by the packaging, so ensuring yours looks and feels of high quality is a great way of making your product stand out from the rest.

As leading brands like Apple have begun creating a synonymous connection between product and brand (with Apple’s sharp, minimalist packaging mirroring the design of their phone and computer products), it’s becoming increasingly common for customers to make fast judgements about the quality of your product based on the quality of your packaging.

As such, packaging that boasts quality through carefully considered design and premium materials will give the consumer the impression of luxury surrounding your product, consequently improving the customer experience by boosting their perceived value and calibre of your product.

Go green

As the public consensus surrounding environmental issues shifts increasingly towards a greater eco-consciousness, customers have begun finding value in companies that go above and beyond to minimise their overall footprint.

Thus, investing that little bit extra in eco-friendly packaging is a worthwhile practice for any business. Not only will it help out wider environmental efforts to preserve oceans and the planet as a whole, but it’s also a great way of securing a positive brand image that customers will be proud to associate with.

A positive brand image improves the customer experience by creating a healthy relationship between consumer and brand, in which the consumer invests emotionally with the brand through shared ethical and moral values. Changing to eco-friendly packaging will make the customer feel like they’re doing some good every time they purchase one of your products, creating a shopping experience that extends far beyond the store.

Brand it

Last but by no means least, ensure your packaging is always branded whenever possible.

As we’ve touched upon already, the role of packaging has evolved into a marketing opportunity that is only fully utilised through effective branding. While ensuring your logo and brand colours are visible over all your packaging carries obvious benefits of free mobile advertising, it can also subconsciously improve the customer experience by bringing the comfort of familiarity.

It’s easy for the modern consumer to be overwhelmed by choice – just one look down any supermarket aisle can demonstrate this through the multiple variations of a single product type. Though the consumer could spend their time weighing up the pros and cons of each, they instead rely on subconscious indicators known as heuristics.

Tap into this heuristics by offering the comfort of familiarity, enabling an improved customer experience through enabling the ease of obvious choice. To achieve this, ensure you have a consistent brand image through a recognisable logo and distinctive and associable colour scheme across your entire product range.

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Following these three packaging tips will help improve the overall customer experience offered by your brand, increasing sales, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty all the while and boosting your chances of securing glowing reviews in the process.


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