90% of customers are influenced by online reviews

Survey: 90% of customers state that their purchase decisions are affected by online reviews.

According to a survey made by Dimensional Research, apparently, 90% of people say they have read online reviews and state that positive commentaries have influenced their purchase decision. On the other hand, 80% of them said that negative reviews had more impact on their decision.

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The survey, made by Zendesk in the first quarter of 2013, included the answers of 1046 participants. They were in the USA and they needed to have recently had some kind of intercourse with a company’s customer service, as a customer.

Approximately, 2/3 of them confirmed they had been reading online reviews. While Facebook has become the number one place to find positive reviews, negative reviews are increasingly found on specific online reviews websites.

When people were asked what made them review a customer service poorly, 72% of them said that the worst thing was having to explain their problem repeatedly to multiple people. 51% of them, instead, associated the review to a problem that was not resolved.

opinione online a la atención al cliente

But customer service issues were not the only subject. 58% of the surveyed stated they were more willing to share their opinions about a service now than they were 5 years ago. This is due to the fact that increasingly more people share their experiences on social media and write online reviews.

Of those who share negative reviews, 45% uses social media and 35% does that on sites specifically made for this purpose.

If surveyed were segmented, it was found that 100% of those who earned the most were more willing to share bad experiences with customer service than the others.

los clientes comparten opiniones online

B2B companies had more odds of benefiting from customers that had a pleasant experience with customer service. In fact, 62% of the surveyed admitted having bought more products or services in a B2B company after having a good customer service experience. Only 42% of positive reviews about customer service came from people who had bought more products or services.

The main conclusions of the study show that not only does customer service affect the revenue, but it also has a longer-term impact. Moreover, people rate customer service as the number one factor that affects the trust the customer has in the company.

atención al cliente

As a general conclusion, the survey found that companies tend to create better customer experiences when they rapidly solve problems with a good customer service.

The study also shows how important it is that customer service works together with the marketing department in order to reply to online reviews fastly and effectively. Also, it has to face customers’ concerns that they express through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.


Source: http://marketingland.com/

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