Artificial Intelligence-Changing the online business?

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the upcoming technology of Artifical Intelligence. What is it and what can it do? How can it be used in online marketing and E-commerce? How can you improve your online marketing or E-commerce business using AI to make it a little more attractive?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology demonstrated by machines in whatever way. Scientists and employees working with this project call them “intelligent agents”. Those specific devices are supposed to take action to maximize achieving goals faster and better. AI can learn and adapt from exterior knowledge or technology. Furthermore, it can study it and use it for its ability. In general, the everyday user associates Artificial Intelligence with machines that have cognitive abilities. Having said that it’s obvious that they see them as something that functions like a human in terms of interpreting and learning. Some scientists say that AI is always something that hasn’t been discovered or done yet. Since they can always adopt new things and learn from them.

This modern technology was found in 1956 and has enjoyed a lot of optimization in the past decades. That happened through new foundings and sources being discovered that could help improve how AI operates. To go a little more into detail, you differ it into 3 areas: analytic, human-inspired and humanized Artificial Intelligence. After all, it seems that people are being afraid of AI’s future, but still enjoy Siri, Alexa and co. Those again support us every day. In the end, though, that is still just an early form of AI usage.

AI changing Online and Digital Marketing?


First of all, Artificial Intelligence can create and generate content for your website in any way. This leads to attracting more visitors to your webpage. AI does it using templates, fill in words or keywords, that will link back to your website. As well as that, it can save you time by researching and pre-writing texts, before you publish it with the usage of specific algorithms. So once you got your clients attracted, it is time to take care of them. In this case, AI can help with email marketing and content creation. To be more exact, it can help you to better the connection to your clients or visitors.

Some of you might already know the “others like this too” buttons for example on Amazon. Or the recommending service of Netflix and Spotify, automatically leading you to the next song, movie or TV-show. So imagine how you could automatically link your readers or customers to the next blog entry or item. In terms of E-Mail-Marketing, it can send personalized emails, that are sorted out by behaviour. Better said what the consumer has looked at before. Continuing with that it will then find out the best day or time of when to contact the client ideally, using algorithms to find out when he is online or generally available.

how can it help improve?

So, after all, it will help understand your audience better, by predicting what they could enjoy exploring. This way AI uses image recognition technology, like now when you get automatically tagged in somebody else’s picture on social media. As a result of that, the user experience will improve by personalizing through Artificial Intelligence. This can, for example, be displaying offers, digital advertising or visitor dedicated content. So, of course, this form of “customer service” will, in the end, lead to better reviews or ratings and an increase in the website’s online visibility.

Even if the reviews not good, AI can still help to improve your conversation with the customer, by using chatbots. Those often already pop up while you access to a specific webpage, offer to help you with anything. Artificial Intelligence can, in this case, send automatic responses by analyzing data and lead to a faster solution.

Not only can it help to improve the user’s experience but it can also optimize SEO in general, by using voice search. Google’s algorithms, for example, are being used to give the person that asks, the most precise findings there are, to his question. With that being said, AI can be used to make predictions in the future, helping companies analyze the market of the future. Based on the data collected, those specific companies then have the chance to actively improve and adjust to topics, that will be important in the future.

How do they operate in the business of E-commerce?


Of course, it is called “Artificial” Intelligence, a term that scares many people first. But it has been proven, that this artificial support has become more and more personal. So it can sometimes be seen as the real-life supermarket employee, that helps you find things too, just online. After all a lot of things that AI can do in E-commerce, obviously go along with the business of online marketing.

This online “help” can especially be a chatbot, that, as mentioned earlier, pops up while a customer attends a website. He can then help to find a solution to the client’s problem or in general finds the ideal product for him. AI can do that with the help of text messages, voice-overs or pictures, the customer once like before already. Since Artificial Intelligence understands the behaviour of the customer and can study it, this leads to improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With that being said sales, in general, become more productive while AI is learning and studying the market by analyzing data with its algorithm.

Another example of automatizing something is online webpages that are connected to warehouses. There, AI can manage the inventory to stock, reorder or organize it. The automatization of this process improves all the ones that follow, like packaging, shipping and delivering. So after all this again leads to an enhanced customer journey experience. Generating sales and handling inventory, by cataloguing and doing digital advertising, can then lead to better product content management.

how can it help improve?

Famous usages of AI to explain how it can help the day to day consumer, are sentences like “customer also bought”. These so-called recommendation engines help to figure out what the client is really looking for. Not only can AI answer customer’s questions quicker but it can also help companies that are overloaded with data. Especially the long-forgotten data of potential buyers is something. AI can take care of that, by using data analyzation and face recognition.

So after all the task of Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce is to lead the customer to more orientation. And of course to the perfect purchase at the end. That way it can use Centric Customer Research and help to find out what the customer wants. A huge form of that is furthermore spreading information across devices that are connected. So, for example, can a customer search for a Hotel on his computer. Later he will, therefore, get digital advertising for that on his smartphone. Mostly the recommendation fits the consumer pretty good and he trusts the support. Because in the end, it seems to be acting like a trustworthy human, that just recommends something to him.

Something that is connected to that too, is that AI can help tackle fake reviews. Often namely, customers are overwhelmed by the information, that gets thrown at them. AI can, in this case, help by fighting “astroturfing“. This is generally explained as the practice of creating or disseminating a false or deceptive review. That again can confuse and lead clients to false purchases. AI can, in this case, detect it and delete it.


So to sum all of this up, we can say that the impact of AI will only increase in the future. After all, we can say that they are supporting us, in doing things we do not want to do. Moreover, they help us by doing other things so we can focus on the more important and more personal things. The AI’s intensity and the speed of learning something new and directly putting it into action are almost impossible for an actual human being. So even though some might not like it, they already profit from it by using Siri, Alexa, Echo or other simple AI devices. One or the other way it will affect us in the future and definitely in online marketing and E-commerce. The question is just, how we will develop and deal with it.

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