Cyber Monday / Black Friday, tips to optimize sales


Tips to improve sales on Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are considered the two most popular days to buy online. When using the test A/B and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to increase your e-commerce is a must to maximize your sales during these days of business. Especially when doing business in e-commerce.

Today we will talk about the guide “Black Friday” by Optimizely. This is a company that works with some of the biggest electronic businesses of the world like Sony, Microsoft, o Sonic and many others. Throughout the years they have done the A/B test very carefully to know how they could increase their sales. They have shared this knowledge with us, and now we will share this with you.

We hope that you will use these tips for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Let`s go!

Tell the people that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are arriving.

Customers are looking for deals and discounts during these days so make sure that they know what are going on in your store. If they can´t find anything they will go to the stores who do show the deals.

Some easy ways to show this, is to put them on the homepage of your website, and post a banner in your store. Make it clear to the customer that you are celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Add the option of a clock to generate a sense of countdown

It has been proven that adding a timer creates a sense of urgency. It is also encouraging which makes the customer buy the product. They feel that they do not have a lot of time and will buy the product as soon as possible.

Another great way to attract customers to your website on these two days is to set a countdown. You can also ask them for their email address so you can write them an email to remind them of the great sales that will be going on in your store. You will already have a decent amount of email-adresses to send the good news to.

Build up confidence

You can build confidence by using coupons, call the customers, and guaranty them an easy access on the website.

Many of the people who buy on Cyber Monday and Black Friday are new buyers. Gaining their trust right away is important if you want to ensure new clients. Reliable stamps, phone numbers, and guarantees on the cancellation and return policy will make them more confident when buying the product.

Then there are the so-called boost options. These are the icons that gain the customers confidence. These include the “secure payment”, “refund guaranteed”, or “free shipping from…” Make sure that you give enough information about yourself, and be reachable if customers have a question.  They like to know who is on the other side of the computer.

Highlight your values and competitive difference

Online shoppers tend to compare stores, especially when they are looking for the best price. One way to keep the customer interested in your website is to clearly tell them what you stand for. What is making your business different than the others? It is very important aspect that you have to be very clear about when starting a business in the e-commerce.

Examples of good value propositions include free shipping, guaranteed returns, best prices in the segment responsible manufacturing processes, best materials, etc.

Customize your offer and address the different segments differently

A key point is to keep your customers trapped on your website and increase the conversion on these two days (Cyber Monday and Black Friday) by offering a personal experience to each according to their preferences and their behavior. This is easier to do for returning customers but it is possible to do for the first-time users.

For example, if someone goes on your website through a campaign for dog toys, make sure that you adjust the promotions to their preferences and that you do not show the promotions on the baby food. It is obvious isn’t it?

By personalizing the browsing experience of your ecommerce according to each segment of users, it is easier to have more orders and more value since you are showing exactly what they are looking for.

Stimulate the expansion of your promotions so it can reach its full potential

If you want to sell more on Cyber Monday and Black Friday you have to get people’s attention to your online store. You could pay more on paying ads but a better way to get people’s attention is to have customers share your discounts on social media. From there on there are 1000 ways to expand. It is always a good idea to offer discounts on social media.

Make sure that your discounts (and your website of course) are totally responsive

The importance of smartphones in online shopping is increasing drastically. Make sure that the promotions looks good on any device.

Online shopping is easier with an simplified ecommerce interface. Use readable and large CTAs. The charging velocity is also very important to keep the customer interested.


Shopping season starts sooner and sooner, and a lot of retailers start celebrating earlier than others. Depending of if you are in the United States r in Canada, it is a rule that you start the Friday of thanksgiving, but many retailers start celebrating before. You should consider advancing your sales as well to increase your sales. But don’t forget these 7 tips in the back of your head.

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