Get more online opinions for your ecommerce

The opinions of your online store not only provide confidence to other users to know your products and services, but also can improve the traffic of your store in an organic way to get prospects. But how to get it?

At the end of the day it is more content for your page and the normal thing is that your clients are using without knowing it key words that come to you more than good so that others find you.

Attract Reviews

Do you want to bring more opinions from your clients? Here are some techniques to get it easily.
Teach your clients how to leave a good opinion.
Some people do not know what to say when leaving an opinion, they do not feel comfortable writing and they are blocked. When a client does not know what to say many times he is grateful to have some advice or example. There you go: When it comes to helping them to leave an opinion, also think about what keywords you are interested in promoting to improve your product searches, thus improving the optimization of search engines (SEO).

Give them simple and detailed steps

You can include a link in the footer as “Share your customer experience”, or also explain it in the email that comes after making a purchase or on your social networks to encourage them to leave their opinion.

Promote good examples

What does a good customer opinion mean? Show it.
Select one of your opinions that has everything and show it in the mails or in social networks. An opinion that equally shares general opinions about the experience and also the particular product. This way they will know that they can write something more than “All right” and “recommendable” and it will be easier for them to write things like “They arrived on time, they solved my doubts or the product is very comfortable and the fabric very pleasant”.
Create a raffle – This never fails. A raffle gets your customers involved much more in everything they do. Promote a raffle for your customers to leave their opinion on the networks or on the page about what they like most about your store and things like that. Of course this works outside of the customer opinion services in which only the customers who buy can leave an opinion, but it will always make your reputation in the networks grow (Twitter and Facebook are the best for this).
Reinforcement by mail – Send emails with good practices of customer opinions and generate a link so they can leave theirs on social networks.
Send a follow-up email- In weeComments we send an email when a customer makes a purchase in your online store so you can leave your opinion in a very simple way. Even so, you can remind your clients that they have not let their opinion help your business improve with each comment.
Share button in social networks – Clients who leave an opinion are often supporters of leaving it on social networks if you put it easy. Tell him that his opinion is important and invite him to share his experience with everyone. The vast majority of opinions are positive and the one that is not, calm because if it is solved well, catapult your reputation, your transparency and your closeness. If you want to see how to respond (correctly) a negative opinion read this article.
Think spiders – an important requirement for the proper use of the opinions generated by customers is that they are visible to search engines. If opinions are not visible when search engine spiders go through your page, they will not help you to climb positions or improve SEO.
Allows voting- While only customers should be able to leave opinions on your website (another thing is social networks), visitors should be able to click “yes” or “no” to mark if it has been useful or has helped to decide on a purchase. Be aware of the mistakes of voting, if you see that there is a client who has left a “normal” opinion but has scored a star of five, talk to him and ask him why. It may have been a misinterpretation of the instructions or a mistake.

Defenders of your brand

Remember that before your prospects come into contact with your business, they listen to what those who know you best have to say, that is, those who have bought you. It is very likely that they check the internet, talk with friends and look at your Facebook page.
So, how can you get your customers to talk about you more often and in a more strategic way? Creating brand advocates among your customer base looking after the relationship: Treat them at the best level. Give them a reason to appreciate your business by keeping your promises-delivery dates, impeccable service, customer service … – Learn the names of the most relevant, talk to them as if they were your friends, share “inside information with them” and follow up personally as far as possible. That is, make them feel special.
Remember that no one is perfect and that when you recognize your weaknesses or some mistake and you put a solution to it, you are creating a relationship with them.
When you ignore them, your bad relationship with them extends far beyond your clients, also to their friends, family members and everyone who reads their social networks.
And of course thank them for taking the time to leave an opinion. One of the best methods is to offer them a discount coupon for their next purchase. So you show that you appreciate them and at the same time you almost assure that they are going to buy again and therefore leave an opinion. And so on.

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