How do you increase your conversion in e-commerce?

We know that success in online trading requires a call to action, to convert the amount of users who are going to be your final customers and make a purchase or contract for a service offered. Therefore, a conversion rate, the measure of all metrics, should be created for each Internet trade.

For those who have just begun in the world of the Internet, we explain the basics: what is the conversion in e-commerce? In a nutshell, the measure of conversion is the percentage of users who request a desired action, which can be according to your business model: buying a product, requesting a quote, contacting, etc. But whatever medium, the goal is always Same thing: to reach new customers.

But how do you really calculate the conversion rate? Light. Share the amount of purchases or actions on the amount of visitors. Determining the conversion rate is easy, the hardest part is the next level. How do you find forms to increase the conversion? This is another story where online reviews of your customers can really help you.

What influences the conversion rate?

Many factors have been involved: from the design of your website, its user-friendliness and easy navigation through the site, the wagon, the shipping costs, the variety of products, the immediate delivery, …

But there is one variable that upsets balance: trust.
When users want to buy a product online, they need to make sure that their purchase is smart. The product is good and the price cheap … let us remember that there are many senses that we do without online media (touch, smell, taste).

To supplement this lack of information, one often resorts to reviews and experiences of other colleagues on the Internet. To be so sure that this is the right choice.

So this is the way to increase the conversion of your internet commerce. Do everything possible to increase the confidence of your buyers in you.

The conversion rate also depends on the sector

The conversion rate varies depending on the type of industry in which we are. That is, there are products that make users feel safer buying on the Internet.

The following table separates the industry average conversion rate for ecommerce merchants:

Here we see how the used content of our buyers can help us to increase this conversion rate.

Use customer reviews on the Internet to improve your conversion of sales

One of the best ways to increase the level of conversion is to justify the content of previous purchases, and therefore it does not improve on the online ratings.

Several studies show that user-generated content has higher chances of transformation. Because it brings trust to future customers who undecidedly navigate between several open tabs on their page, with products similar to yours.

The trust that builds between your e-commerce and your customers, taking advantage of the potential of customer reviews, brings with it great benefits. People trust from scratch in other buyers’ experiences about shops and products. This makes an independent third party important, like weeComments. This can assure that the reviews come solely from real customers who have made a purchase on the website.

We believe that today there are hundreds of pages of the same products and the users are overwhelmed by too much information at the time they make their decision. Online opinions can make the difference and make the user not only have confidence in the online medium, but also in their own business.

So you get it

Electronic commerce is constantly looking for new ways to increase the conversion rate. The key is the relationship of trust that develops between the Internet and users. Something that can help you reach online, and all thanks to your customers. That’s how you start trusting, you’re only five minutes from clicking here.

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