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How Online Reviews Help to Get Customers

If there is really something important that helps the online shopping process, it is the online reviews of other customers. The trust they place when purchasing online, and the reviews regarding the purchase, help to generate a greater number of online customers.

Revi as an online review tool

Revi is a review system that certifies the authenticity of online opinions generated only by real customers who have bought on a website. But unlike many other tools, Revi does not censor negative reviews. We are transparent, and we will tell you why.

We choose to do it this way because it helps companies to constantly improve themselves. Once a negative opinion is generated by a dissatisfied customer, the online store gets notified so they can solve directly the issue. Once the issue is solved, the customer is given the chance to change it.

Revi is very simple and easy to use: customers give their opinion about the product or the purchase, which is automatically entered on the website. Revi also allows you to generate opinions not only about the brand, but also about the products that have been purchased, or the whole experience in general. And it has a FREE version.

Advantages of online reviews

The fact is, by showing reviews on you on-line store you are building customer trust, therefore a boost on sellings, and a income increase. Like ABC.

On one hand, the online store reputation will benefit as you are generating more trust in consumers. The comments will help to know what opinion customers have of the products and both the online store and potential customers will be able to have an idea about the quality of online sales.

On the other hand, enabling reviews can lead to an increase in negative comments. If this is the case, we encourage to answer as quickly as posible. This will give a feeling of care and greater confidence to the customer.

Stay calm, cool, and collected. This isn’t a personal attack. Reply in a friendly, and respectful way. Offer a solution or an apology ASAP. Avoid confrontations with customers. Take it as an opportunity to identify posible issues within your company that may need a change, and also as a way to show that we are all just human and we commit mistakes but willing to make it up.

You depend on your customers to grow your company and your reputation, and what a better way tan to generate trust with other customers.

There are different ways of generating trust in customers. Here are some tips:

  • Always show real customer reviews.
  • Do not manipulate negative opinions, customers will see that the company may have flaws but willing to come to a solution.
  • Respond to comments as soon as possible, this helps foster communication and the desire to know how satisfied your customers are.
  • Make it easy, if a customer is not satisfied give them the choice of returning or exchanging the product.
  • Their satisfaction is your satisfaction.

This is the way you can generate the needed amount of trust among your customers so they feel comfortable when purchasing any products from the store. Online trust will bring future customers that won’t hesitate to buy your products.

Finally, as we have mentioned before, online reviews are very important during the buying decisión-making process. Remember that 90 % of online users read the opinions of other users before purchasing a product.

Choose Revi

Start collecting reviews and communicate with customers, this will help others feel confident enough to buy on your online store. Analyze the comments, make changes if needed to better the customer experience. Thus, the opinions will further reinforce the value of the product and the storeoverall, and will help in the final purchase decision.

If you need help, from Revi you will find the best way to generate online trust and boost sellings. Customer reviews on social media will be enhanced, and 100% verified from real clients.

Go ahead and start getting online reviews with Revi!


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