How to get seller ratings?

Are you still wondering why you do not have those google stars (Seller Ratings) that appear under your competitors’ offers?

Here you will learn why and how you get it.

We are here to help you to get a much more efficient e-commerce, thanks to the opinions of your customers.

In Revi, we believe in online businesses that are working well and we want your customers to know it. Therefore, now you have the chance to get these shopping Stars you’ve been missing.

Today we help you to understand the Google seller ratings and the rich snippets. How do you get them?
The benefits they have for your business.
How you can gain competitive advantages by displaying them in the search engines.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Firstly, we will go through a few definitions. Probably you saw Google seller ratings and rich snippets in google, but you are not 100% sure on what they are.

To sum up, Google Seller Ratings is an extension that displays the customer reviews of a company seller ratings. This extension is shown as… stars, this was already clear, right?. Rich snippets are created by Google after mining a variety of relevant data of a company or a product from different sources.

Google seller ratings

Google seller ratings appear in paid advertising like AdWords or Google Shopping, while the rich snippets appear exclusively in the organic search results. Both options provide an overall assessment of a company or an overall assessment of a particular product.

In this example, we can appreciate a Google seller rating evaluation in a PPC ad.

Seller Ratings

You will also see ratings of companies and products combined in Google Shopping Ads. This is a particular kind of paid advertising that aims to sell individual products online.

If you are an e-commerce business, you should consider selling on Google Shopping. We offer some tips to get you started.

Rich snippets

Google uses structured data within web pages in order to organize and extract relevant information easily. Rich snippets of reviews are readen by google as structured data. By using a widget to display your customers’ reviews on your site, Google can access structured and relevant data from their opinion. However, this can happen only if you have the internal code well organized according to Google criteria. This way Google can score, indicating the username and your client’s comment. Google uses this information to create its rich snippets of Opinion.

The rich snippets of Opinion normally appear in the list of organic search and also on the right side of a search page in the large fields that are usually displayed in the search for a company by name. Google tends to get opinion data from different sources to create the rich snippets of opinions.

How do I get seller ratings and rich snippets?

The only way for your business to learn about these special enhancements is to collect real customer reviews and publish them on Google. That’s it.

There are two steps to it. First one is to implement an opinion-forming strategy. The second is to send opinions in the form of a Google Merchant feed. The merchant feed is a simple CSV spreadsheet that is uploaded to Google on a regular basis. If you’ve ever seen a Google Shopping feed, it’s a similar set of data, ranging from the customer’s name and email address to rating reviews and reviewing comments.

Revi can help you get your feedback feed from Merchant on behalf of your customers. Private companies can not collect opinions and upload them directly to Google. All of this is because the opinion-forming system is based on trust, and the use of independent platforms like Revi helps you gain that trust for your customers and your business.

Once you’ve got your opinion and your feed has been sent to Google, you’ll see seller ratings and rich snippets appear across the web. The Google Seller Rating Criteria is that companies need to collect at least 150 real opinions with a rating of 3.5 or higher in the last 12 months. The timeframe is still active. Therefore, it is important to periodically collect regular reviews to make sure you do not lose your Google seller ratings.

Why show stars on Google?

People like stars. Even without knowing it, when a star appears in a web result and the person can see at a glance that the company has a good rating, then he or she is much more likely to click on the search result, whether an advertisement or an organic result.

Google says that the stars give 17% more dynamics at the click share. And that’s a lot.

The stars also have an additional benefit and not only increase the chance that you click the search results, but also increase the possibility that they convert on the landing page (a purchase).

People like to read reviews and opinions about products, for more information, which is not included in the standard specification. Therefore, the content of the opinion is also important to answer questions posed by users. The implementation of an Opinion widget like Revi on your site allows users to easily navigate through the information. Remember that people write their opinions with keywords that turn out in the positioning of your products to be useful.

It’s proven. All people who are shopping online, consider three basic aspects.

  • This product is right for me?
  • This price is right?
  • I trust the person (or business) with whom I will buy it?

Opinions are usually visible in every step of the process in one way or another and contribute positively to the buying process.

Google stars are not just there to make the results of your searches on Google more beautiful, but they are there to inform the customer throughout the journey. As you know, Google does it all for the user: from the relevance of the results to the ease of use. Seller ratings and rich snippets are just two more ways to improve the user experience.

Seller ratings and rich snippets from Google Adwords will give you more and better visibility and help you stand out from your competitors if they still don’t have them. If they do, you only have to make sure that your prices are competitive and provide a superior service, so that you can collect more and better opinions and help your customers choose your business.

Collecting customer reviews is an excellent opportunity for those who have already bought to give a voice. Additionally, your prospective buyers are waiting for a social proof that you are a good choice for business.

Opinions on the Internet

Google collects reviews data from other sources. You may have seen stars in organic search results on your Facebook page or shown in a list of Amazon products in organic results. Those stars are compiled by Google on these platforms. It is important to comply with a constant score on these platforms as well. When a user searches you online, if the results displayed doesn’t match with the overall rate in your site, they will suspect attempts at manipulation.

If you collect reviews, you get stars on Google, which even appear on platforms that you do not directly control. The implementation of a feedback strategy is essential in order to get and maintain your Google seller ratings and your rich snippets. Informed customers make better and faster-buying decisions, and the more information you can provide, the easier it is for them to buy and come back for them. To learn more about how you can improve your opinion of strategy, please contact us.


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