How to increase Instagram followers for your eCommerce store

There´s no better publicity for your online store than having plenty followers on Instagram. It shows that your products are trendy, your content is relevant and your brand is just popular. And not to forget the most important, followers that already like your brand are likely to be your next buyers. But easier said than done, getting followers is not exactly a piece of cake. So we want to give you some useful tips on how to increase Instagram followers and expand the reach of your brand.

1) Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are an amazing tool to increase attention for your Instagram profile. Sometimes people come up with the most creative and individual hashtags that are extremely funny and entertaining. You should just keep in mind that these individual hashtags only appeal to your current audience. That´s why you should use trending hashtags. Every day you can check what hashtags are trending right now and if they fit your business. You can use them to expand your reach. But be careful not to use random hashtags that don´t have anything to do with your business. It might make you look like craving for followers a little too much.

2) Like and Comment

Instagram is a community, and if you want to get more likes and comments on your posts,  you´ll have to get active and also like and comment a lot. Engage with non-followers and show your interest in their content. Everyone is happy when you leave a like on one of their posts, but nothing is more flattering than receiving a nicely written comment. It shows that you really spent time reviewing their profile and put the effort to write something personal. Besides, it will give your brand a more personal touch and that personality might encourage non-followers to become your followers.

3) Get the attention of your target group

But don´t only try to get as many followers as possible, reach for the followers that have the biggest value for you- your potential buyers. Visit your closest competitors´Instagram accounts and have a look at their followers. Your competitors produce similar content as you do and so their followers have already shown some level of interest in the products you carry simply by following your competitor´s account. So get their attention. Follow them, comment or at least like one of their pictures. If they consider your content appealing, they´ll give you a follow and might even buy one of your latest products.

4) Be consistent

New potential followers don´t know what you plan to post in the future, so they´ll only deduce what they´ll get from following you by checking out your past ones. Consider your last 9 Instagram posts as your first impression. Do they communicate clearly what your message is and what your brand stands for? Do they have consistency through personality, filters, colours and layout? Without seeing the name of your post or the specific content, just from the design of your posts it should be easy to conclude the post belongs to your shop. Try to develop a consistent theme running through your feed and post at a consistent pace. Often just a simple pattern that can be recognized easily is enough to attract new followers.

5) It´s all about the timing

It´s not only what you post that matters, but when you post it. There´s no one single perfect time to publish a post. It differs across social networks and even within industries. That´s why it pays to fish where the fish are biting when publishing content on social media. According to Sprout Social’s Data Science, the best time to post on Instagram for consumer good brands is Saturday at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.  Wednesday seems to be the most active day throughout the week, while Mondays are the least engaged. But don´t only rely on those set times. You have to find out on your own what times have and have not worked for you in the past. Compare the different posts based on likes and comments and use the time that brought you the most interaction with followers.


So, to put in a nutshell, pay attention what hashtags are trending right now in your relevant community, get your feet up and like and comment, especially try to reach out for your target group as followers, be consistent and keep in mind that timing is a big factor in determining whether your post will be successful or not. And if you´re not only interested in increasing your instagram followers, but also how to improve your Social Media game in general, read the Revi. blog article about why Social Media marketing is so important for your business.

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