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How to increase sales with Revi’s widgets

Have you ever seen a “bubble” or “floating thingy” at the corner of a website, for example? Well, those are website widgets. Today we are going to talk about customer review widgets: benefits, uses, personalization, and much more.

There are so many websites with a limited functionality for different reasons. One of them, is that a majority of them use a template that require some additional work and research if you really want to customize them to your liking.

It’s key to add some thoughtful value to your site in order to make it more functional, or go that extra mile will make you stand out  within your competitors. Interesting right? Continue reading.

The use of widgets are a clear example of web customization. It is just a simple, easy-to-use software application intended for a platform that display information, or provides a specific way for a user to interact.

What’s a web widget?

A web widget is an element that can be added to a website, very easy to set up (just a copy and paste) avoiding changes on your entire code framework of your website host.

The most popular widgets on an e-commerce are related to customer service and support in order to increase sales or answer common questions; such us Revi.

Revi, as a star rating review system, offers a wide variety of customer review widgets to add to any website.

For example:

customer review widget

Our widgets are intended to show the reviews from customers who have purchased a product, or used a service from our store (on-line or physical store, indistinctly). These reviews can be from the item purchased: usually explains the quality, quantity, size, or color . But also from the whole service: customer experience, delivery expectations, customer service…

More reasons to use customer review widgets

As we have mentioned in other articles, it’s proven that online reviews are the new “word of mouth” in the e-commerce world, generating trust. This user generated content can keep potential customers engaged in a way that can be led from a visitor to a client.

For instance, using a product widget or a footer with related products can keep a visitor clicking “here and there” during longer periods of time.

customer review widget

How to improve customer experience using customer review widgets?

Customers aren’t looking just for a good deal, but also for a great customer experience. They are more willing to spread the good when treated well.

According to SuperOffice86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. However, in a challenging economy where growth gets as competitive as can be, it’s crucial to see the customer not as a cost, but as an investment.

Customer testimonials and reviews will attract business so make sure you are putting effort into sharing and collecting as many reviews as possible. The advantages are twofold. First, the reviews and testimonials provide enough information for customers to make an informed decision before they choose purchase. Secondly, they boost your business overall credibility, trust factor, and SEO rank.

The fact is that 67% of mobile shoppers are more likely to buy a an item if a website or app offers product reviews. And 30% of survey respondents between ages 18 and 44 look at reviews before every purchase.

Without customers, your business won’t operate. Many of your site’s visitors may never land on your pages again. You have one chance to convert them into a lead or capture them as part of your regular audience.

Our customer review widgets

Take a look to some of our updated and new web widgets:customer review widget


customer review widgetAt Revi, we offer updated widgets that can be customizable on your webpage: you can choose color, format, size… so it can be visually appealing, according to your logo and web design.


customer review widget

Wrapp it up

The best thing of using widgets is that you don’t need to be a pro to install them. Aditionally, with some basic knowledge and patience (like for everything else), you will be able to upgrade your web without going much into design. So if you are looking to add some value choose Revi, and start collecting/sharing customer reviews, generate trust, and increase on sellings.


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