How to obtain positive reviews on your e-commerce

Psst.. let me tell you a secret! If you want to obtain positive reviews on your e-commerce there are a couple of things that you should bear in mind. Many may seem obvious, but are you actually applying them? If you aren’t, then sit back, relax, and keep reading, because we are about to unveil 7 techniques to get more positive reviews from your e-commerce customers.

1. Make your customers happy and they will be happy to express it

It’s no big news for sure, but it is something. You can’t get positive reviews (at least not legally) if you don’t have any satisfied customer. Before inviting to write a review, you should make sure you are doing things properly. So, you better work to solve any issue you think may bother your customers as soon as you can.

2. Reply to every review, not only to negative ones

Let your customers know that every review is important. Saying thanks for positive reviews is as important as managing the problems highlighted by negative ones.

3. Be present in the online world

Owning an e-commerce is a big responsibility because you kind of have to be present everywhere. In fact, the online medium consists of continuous actions and interactions. Take advantage of the potential of social media to be closer to your customers. Try to make these online relationships more close and “human”.

4. When it comes to negative reviews, reply quickly but calmly

Count until 10, 20, 50.. until you’ll manage to reply in an effective and resolvent way to a negative review. This moment will decide if your customer will become loyal or will be lost forever. Reply as soon as possible but keep calm. Resist the temptation to take it personally and to defend your business or your product by all means. This approach is usually not empathic and tends to make things worse. Calmly examining what happened is key. You will be able to change the customer’s opinion for the better if you keep a cool head.

5. Reward your customers

Let’s make this clear, a reward is not a bribe, but an encouragement that goes together with a “Thank you, your review means a lot to me and my company.” Reward your customers with a discount coupon for their next purchase or with some kind of interesting content. Consider it a form of motivation.

6. The figures are on your side

More reviews lead to other reviews.. and they attract more customers. The more reviews you get, more probabilities you will have to increase your e-commerce’s rating.

7. Make it simple

If writing a review for you is a long and complex process, then your clients won’t probably be willing to do that. Unless they want to write a negative review; in that case, nothing will stop them. If you don’t want to lose positive reviews, make the process fast and simple. For example, weeComments allows the customer to review directly from the email he receives from the shop.

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