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How to sell on Instagram: online reviews matter

Instagram is the perfect social media to show your vacation, your most attractive food dishes, and your Friends. But the list of social media features doesn’t end there. Do you know how to sell on Instagram? What not everyone knows is that Instagram is also the place to be to sell online.

Instagram, a showroom available to all users that can give us many joys if we know well enough how to manage our account. At first glance, no one thinks of social media as a sales platform, but the results will surprise you when you know all the keys to achieve online success.

how to sell on instagram

The most important thing is to be clear about what product we want to sell, open an Instagram account, and sail the adventure. An adventure that starts with precise ideas and well-learned steps. Therefore, it is very important that we pay attention to this article so that no details are missed. Ready to become the king of sales?

Increase your brand engagement with Instagram

Currently, Instagram has more than 1.2 billion active users around the world. Numbers that reflect the relevance of social media, and the great impact that it entails. This is the reason why selling on Instagram has become one of the most successful trends in recent times.

Still thinking how to sell on Instagram? Continue reading. Through some basic tips we will give you some guidance.

It is important to take care of the content and products that we publish on our profile. As more followers we get, the more people will reach our service. Once we have an active company profile, we must access Instagram Shopping to offer our followers quality products.

how to sell on instagram

Benefits of the company profile

One of the most important steps to sell on Instagram is to change the identity user and go from personal profile to a company profile. If you have registered as a new user, remember this advice and do it directly from the company profile.

The reason to make the switch are all the advantages you get by configuring your user as a company profile. Among them, we highlighted:

  • Obtaining statistics of your account.
  • Analysis of user interaction with your profile.
  • Promotion of publications to reach more public.
  • Activation of Instagram Shopping, which will allow you to link it directly to your online store.

how to sell on instagram

Tips for selling on Instagram

Now that we know how to sell on Instagram, it is important that we learn how to do it. Therefore, in this article we bring you some of the basic tips to optimize your Instagram profile and increase your traffic.

It is important to consider your Instagram business profile just as important as the storefront of a physical store. That’s why we want to encourage you to take care of every detail to reflect the philosophy of your company in a clear, and organized way.

Other tips are:

  1. Choose an account name with related keywords. When choosing a name, think about what keywords could accompany your category and try to enter them in the name of your business. In this way, users will quickly associate your account with specific content.
  2. Fill in your profile information. Write an attractive description to captivate users. Also, update the location and hours if you use it to complement a physical store. The biography is the perfect spot to link to your ecommerce.
  3. Design a simple logo. In this way you will get your brand to be easily recognized and remembered by Instagram users. Avoid long brand names with elaborate logos that are not easily understood.
  4. Take advantage of publications to show your products. Here you can reach the public through an image of the product, even a shoot of an influencer using it. Both methods are effective for selling on Instagram.
  5. Use hashtags to frame your content in posts. In addition, it is a very easy way to reach customers by categories, since they can find you through the search for hashtags.
  6. Take advantage of stories to promote posts or to create attractive content for your followers. Giveaways and contests are a good resource. As it lasts only 24 hours in operation, you can give it a more risky touch. Give it a try! Use the stories to get the attention, users are watching!
  7. And finally, the reels. A very efficient way to reach more audiences and easily gain followers. You will only have to create 30-second content to prove that your product is the best.

Optimizar perfil Instagram

The importance of online reviews

All these tips won’t be effective without the interaction with users. The nature of social media are the users, mostly everything goes around them when it comes to sell on Instagram. Therefore, active listening to our users is very important to work up our brand according to their needs.

And one of the most beneficial tools to receive reviews for your ecommerce is Revi. It is a free tool that feeds on user comments after purchasing a product on your e-commerce. In this way, the customer gains confidence in the store thanks to the reviews from other buyers. And it is a fact that opinions can help us get new customers.

Surely now you wonder how this can be adapted to Instagram, right? Well, very simple. As we have already mentioned in the previous section, stories and publications are a perfect place to interact with users and promote your products. So, what a better way to show them off what  your customers think of your ecommerce?

The star rating system will attract the attention of other users and stand out from other competitors. Join Revi and see how your sales skyrocket on Instagram. Take advantage of the number of people on Instagram and give your ecommerce a twist.

Ready to sell on Instagram?

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