Influence purchase decisions through social media

Opinion lies divided as to whether Social Media influences the buying decision or not. But why are so many big companies, such as Nestlé, represented in these networks? Certainly not for fun, they just recognized the advantages of the internet.
The importance of newspapers, television or other classic media is slowly but surely diminishing. With the help of a computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can inform yourself about any topic at any time today.
For many, Social Networks are a big part of their everyday life, large platforms like Facebook or Twitter attract several millions of users per month. Facebook leads with 1.7 billion people.

Importance of social media before purchase

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular Last year about 77% ordered at least once over the internet in Germany. But before purchasing most of the people get information or advise. Many people attach importance to opinions from the Internet, and these also come from the social networks.
Even more, according to a 2015 DigitasLBi Connected Commerce study, the influence of social media on consumers’ online and offline purchases
Facebook influenced 52% of consumers’ online and offline purchases, Pinterest 46%, Instagram 43%, and Twitter 36%.

Advertising in social networks

And what exactly are the advantages?

The outreach speaks for itself while at the same time the advertiser has many more options that are missing in other advertising space – such as:

  • High coverage, due to a large number of active social media users
  • Very good segmentation of the target group with various targeting possibilities
  • Automatic recording of user interaction with social ads (clicks, views, etc.) thanks to various tracking technologies
  • Precise analysis and performance measurement of social media advertising
  • A promising option of online advertising, with full cost control – even for small budgets

According to the latest CMO survey, marketers expect to expand their social media advertising budget by 89% by 2023.

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