More reviews. More trust. More sales.

There are many kinds of companies, but they all have something in common: customers. And all customers have something in common: they have opinions. No matter what your field is, there is a clear relation between the number of customer reviews and the percentage of sales. This relation is pretty simple: more product reviews, more sales.

A clear example is Amazon.

The king of online bazaars has more customers reviews than any other e-commerce and it is easy to predict that the same thing happens with sales. Another example is, the main household appliances retailer in the UK. This e-shop has the majority of online reviews of the English network and they are currently selling 40% of the appliances sold in the UK.

Clearly, USA is no exception. Nordstrom is a huge fashion retailer, both for men and women. Last year it was one of the e-commerce with more customer reviews (which matter especially in the fashion field) and it has been having huge sales improvements through the years.

Indeed, one single review increases the possibilities of conversion by 10% and search engine traffic by 15-25%.

Online reviews provide a constant stream of brand new contents for your web page. Search engines reward pages that keep their quality content fresh and up-to-date. Therefore, reviews help both clients in their purchase decisions and your website’s SEO. The more reviews, the better, as long as they are real because if they are fake people will find out and they will lose trust.

In the last few years, some changes in Google’s algorithm have facilitated websites that have:

  1. Quality content
  2. Effective processes when it comes to making a purchase
  3. Good web reputation
  4. Fresh and up-to-date content
  5. User experience
  6. Low percentage of duplicated content

Online reviews help all of these aspects

The various benefits of online reviews affect many aspects, depending on the number of commentaries. A product that has many reviews helps the SEO, but also the general impression the audience has of the product itself., one of the e-commerce that already uses weeComments, has noticed a vast increase in sales since when it has implemented this tool. In the field of cosmetics and makeup, online reviews deeply affect purchase decisions, and Maquilleo has taken advantage of it.

As you can see, your customers’ reviews help you get much further.

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