New functionality: get more online reviews through a link

Getting reviews from your customers is now even easier. In Revi, we have incorporated a new functionality. Now  you can send your customers a link so they can rate your store or business instantly.

You can add or send this link however you prefer. For example, send it to your clients by WhatsApp, and place it in the most popular articles on your blog or incorporate it into a newsletter. This link belongs to you and you decide where to show it.

Statistics show that more and more customers, before making a purchase decission, they look for reviews of both: the service and the products. Many online stores have made the move into getting online reviews this way. So, in this article we are going to explain who can use this new functionality, where you can place this link and, where can be found.

Who can review through the link?

Customers look into online reviews to make a decision before purchasing from a store, or even compare with other similar businesses. In addition, they have a very critical eye to know which sources are reliable and which are not. But if you finally decide to add this new functionality, you should not worry about it. Your customers will know perfectly the opinions that come from a real shopping experience and those that do not.

Until now, only customers who made a purchase could leave a review. On this regard, potential and future customers made sure that the opinions were real and verified, that their opinion was based on a shopping experience. With this new functionality, anyone can leave a review. So how do we make sure now that they are not fake reviews?

When our goal is to offer transparency and trust to customers, we must provide as much information as possible. Therefore, we have differentiated the reviews that are after a shopping experience and those that are not.

When a review is from a customer who has made a purchase and has, actually, had an experience with the purchased product and service, it will appear next to the name “verified review. In this way, a potential buyer who is looking for information will be able to differentiate them.

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More benefits for physical stores and services

Physical store customers

Although in Revi you can already collect customers reviews who have made a purchase on a physical store, now it can be done easier.

If you have the technology for it, you can add a device such as, a tablet,  a computer, or  a cellphone in the store. As a result, customers leave a review of the service at the time.

Service Pages

At Revi we have many clients who offer services, especially those where trust is a key aspect, such as doctors.

Before, businesses only had the option of collecting the reviews of their clients by uploading a CSV file to our panel and sending the invitation by e-mail to their clients. Currently, they are able to send this link by e-mail, WhatsApp and, even social media.

Who can enjoy this functionality?

Only customers who subscribe to PREMIUM  will be able to enjoy this functionality. So, if you are interested in using this functionality on your business, you can extend the subscription from the Revi panel. Through this link, customers will be able to review both: the service and the products.

Where can I find the link?


Fast and easy. Access your internal panel on and in the section: “Panel” menu, you will find a new tab: Invites to comment. Send that link to your customers so they can review about your service.

In addition, if your online store is multi-language, we have prepared a different link for each of them. Your customers will directly access the rating page in their own language.

Other ways to get more customer reviews

Although this functionality will greatly facilitate the volume of reviews of your online store, you can also try offering a discount code to your customers for leaving a review.

Who doesn’t like to take advantage of a discount to save money? This kind of promotions will greatly incentivize a customer to leave a review. And by the way, make sure that the customer makes another purchase to redeem it.

How and where do I add the discount code?

You can customize the email. Here are some examples.

“Leave a review and get a 10% discount on your next purchase”, “How was your shopping experience? Leave an opinion and get a discount on your next purchase ”.

Then add the discount code (for example, REVI5) in the thank you email. And of course, don’t forget to configure it in your CMS.

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