Online reviews, the best thing that happened to small business

Online views allow consumers to hear their voices both from companies and from future customers. They are content creators and influencers in the purchase decision of other users.

They have become a powerful marketing tool within reach of all bags. It is no longer necessary to invest thousands of euros to get results. Just install a system in your ecommerce to track customer feedback, and that’s it.

Your customers can use their opinion to catapult you to the top, because the positive experience of a customer attracts even more. That’s so. In addition, they warn you of the issues that you need to polish to make things go smoothly. Online opinions are exactly what small and medium-sized businesses need to reach their full potential, and we’ll tell you why.

Information at the moment. Here and now

Access to real-time information has increased dramatically in recent years due to the increasing use of mobile devices. In the United States alone, the use of the Internet has nearly doubled since 2001 to almost 300 million users, and the use of smartphones has risen from 20% in 2010 to 69% in 2017 among American consumers. Everyone has access to the Internet at their fingertips, and that means a lot to small and medium businesses.

This shift in technology usage has also led to similar changes in consumer behavior. Although about 90% of global sales are still made in physical stores, 97% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses, and three out of four people using their mobile phones to find something nearby visit a store as soon as possible possible to your real location. Store user visits have dropped 57% in the last five years, but the value of each visit has tripled.

For small businesses, this means that the traditional physical shop window, as we know it, has been replaced by many digital ones. Consumers use the Internet to find out where they want to spend their money before they go there, and their visits are increasingly motivated by a genuine and urgent buying attempt.

The days of shopping through shop windows or scanning the yellow pages in search of the next services are already history.

Opinions, where and when you need them

In the past, small businesses had to rely on questionable efficiency methods to attract new customers. For example, if someone went to a household goods store looking for a washing machine, the worker had two simple tasks: on the one hand, he had to persuade the customer to spend his money in this shop and in a particular washing machine, and on the other hand, create You the urgency of buying at this moment.

When consumers go online and catch up with other customers’ opinions on platforms like Revi, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Google My Business, the decision and urgency of the purchase are exactly what motivated them to search for them. When traditional advertising is a megaphone, companies can scream and see who listens, online opinions are strong magnets that attract consumers to local businesses, especially when they are actively seeking where to spend their money. This is an invaluable opportunity for small businesses with tight or non-existent marketing budgets.

Think about it. If you want to try a new restaurant or want to find a close and trustworthy workshop, what are you doing? You can go to your friends or relatives to get a referral, but you can get an instant response when you do a Google search and fall somewhere with reviews from other customers. This is the new norm: 97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses.

More trust, more sales

Although we will not hide that, there are trolls and live on the Internet, one of the big myths about online opinions is that they are all negative. In fact, like a large platform like Yelp, two-thirds of all reviews are four or five stars, which means that most customers log in specifically about their vast experience with the local business romp.

This is good news because 90% of customers say that they feel influenced by the positive feedback from former users at the time of purchase and 94% visit at least four stars with a business. So, you know, if you have a business, either online or physically, to attract more customers you do not need a big investment in marketing, but to implement a system of opinions than Revi and begin to collect positive feedback from your customers.

Thanks to these systems, your customers can proactively encourage comments on their shopping experience and attention because 68% of customers are willing to give their opinion when asked. This activates the company’s happiest customers, buries unfair negative reviews, and ensures that the company’s “valuation relationship” is healthy. It’s a way to show your customers that it’s important to them that they’re satisfied after buying a product or service in their store.

Discover new conversion options

And do not worry if someone has any problems during the buying process because it seems impossible to get negative opinions transformed into a golden opportunity to make a satisfied and loyal customer to your brand. We all have a bad day, and as someone responsible for a business, you deserve to know when something is wrong. In the past, dissatisfied customers may not even bother to share their comments: they simply criticized the business by word of mouth or stopped coming to it, and the owner of the place never knew what could go wrong disgusting the customer.

Up to 70% of customers who complain give you another chance when their concerns are resolved.

So, when you are in front of a small business, it is time to say goodbye to a system of opinions and to thank big potential customers. Online opinions are the ear of the Internet, and with them, small businesses finally have the opportunity to voice their voice. Or, even better, throwing yourself into the world of online opinions might be the only marketing plan a small business needs today.

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