Post-Covid Marketing: New Trends

The COVID-19 virus has changed many habits on us. From the beginning of the pandemic, our way of relating to family and friends has  dramaticaly changed, as has also changed the way we consume godos, or even, work. But these areas are not the only ones that have been affected by the pandemic. Marketing has also been transformed after this wordlwide health crisis. Do you know what are the new trends in so-called post-covid marketing?

The new normal is loaded with a greater digitization of consumption by customers. During the confinement, global e-commerce jumps to $26.7 trillion, fuelled by COVID-1. This is where the new post-covid marketing comes into play: the opportunity to turn the tables and make the best out of this situation.

Postcovid marketing. What’s going on?

Faced with so much change, digital brands have been forced to jump on the bandwagon of new communication patterns. If you have an e-commerce, or a website, and you want to know what the new trends in postcovid marketing are, this article is perfect for you. You may continue reading…

Digital transformation

Without no doubt, the first trend for the new postcovid marketing plan is: the acceleration of digital transformation. The economic crisis that came as a result of the arrival of the virus has made many physical businesses have to definitely lower the blind. Others, have decided to make their bets into the online world. Making this their only, or main, way of selling.

This has made the competition on the Internet even greater. Companies look out for ways to stand out on the Internet. Better be prepared to ensure that your products continue to rank as high as possible in Google. Digital transformation is a fundamental step in the new post-covid marketing, and if you have not done it yet, do not suffer. You still have time to give your business the boost it needs for this new era.

Gain confidence

If you were already into the ecommerce world, now you should take one more step ahead by getting even closer to your clients. A safe bet is to build trust with the online customer. By approaching the user, online businesses will ensure that this link that has been created during the hard months of confinement is maintained. The goa lis to ensure that online sellings do not fall, and remain in a constant growing curve.

Furthermore, another factor to get a retuned client is to find ways to facilitate the task of navigating/using your website. For example, using fractional payment methods, or effective customer service (chatbots) will improve the user experience on your webpage. Clients notice such small details that will improve the whole buying experience during the purchase.

Increased emotions

If you are one of those who still do not know what the term storyscaping is, it is about time that you catch up with this concept. It will be essential for your post-covid marketing plan. It is a very useful technique to generate emotions, and seduce customers.

This marketing trend aims to obtain greater engagement with customers through personal stories and experiences with the brand, and/ or with any product on the web. Without a doubt, a new way of offering users different and innovative content.

Along with storyscaping, a new post-covid marketing trend is the increase in audiovisual formats, such as video, or gifs for social media. The use of websites through cellphones has made these formats become more popular. It’s a doer if we want to keep up in the industry.

Generate Reviews

Following all these tips for your post-covid marketing plan, will make your online presence more satisfactory. In this way, we will generate more positive reviews about your e-commerce, which will also help the positioning on the www. And there is no better review platform to generate online opinions than REVI.

By having a website with 100% truthful reviews, you will attract more customers who will see a reliable, and safe site on your page. Thanks to Revi, a FREE online review platform, you will get an increase in advertising, an improvement in SEO positioning, and a greater possibility of cross-selling, among many other benefits.

Improving your post-covid marketing plan will be easier than you expect. The implementation of the newest trends in digital marketing will keep you game on the e-market. Be ahead of everyone else and try out tips!


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