Experiencing a high peak in sales? Get our bonus

There are certain holiday seasons on the calendar that are especially important for a business; for instance: e-commerce. We are talking about dates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or the big sales campaign in summer.

Talking about (some) numbers. Last year’s Black Friday campaign increased online buying orders in Spain by 27%. In the U.S represented a $9 billion hit on sales; a 21.6% year-over-year increase. Like all of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic impacted spending behaviour worldwide. The fact is, that there are high chances you will run out of emails before you know it. Losing the opportunity to collect more reviews from your customers. If that’s the case, you should keep reading.

How do email bonuses work?

There are many e-commerce companies that have suggest the possibility of increasing the number of emails on specific dates of the year where the volume of orders skyrockets. Actively listening to our customers is one of our strengths, so this month we have launched e-mail bonuses, which increase the email limit during a billing cycle.

How do they work? Easy-peasy. Imagine that throughout the year you are interested in subscribing with PRO because you do not have a very high number of orders. But then, Christmas campaign arrives, and the number of orders on your e-commerce shoots up considerably. With Revi’s bonus, you can now punctually increase this number of e-mails, without having to extend the subscription.

Where and how do I get the email bonus?

bonus Revi

You can get them within the internal Revi panel: go to “My account” tab. We currently offer an increase email limit for a given billing cycle by +100 emails, +500 emails, or by +1,000 emails.

No one knows your business better than you, so if you consider that one month you will be short on invitations, you will only have to access the Revi panel and expand the emails. Choose one of the three options and add to cart. As simple as that! You will see how, automatically, the number of invitations available in that billing period increases.

This functionality is available for all our plans: Free, Pro and Premium.

More news from Revi

This year, in Revi we have charged our batteries. We have launched many more novelties and functionalities with the aim of making it as easy as possible to get reviews from your customers. For example, the evaluation pop-up, or the possibility of reviewing through a link. Many of you have already implemented it on your ecommerce, but for those who have missed it, on this article we will give an update on the latest news and functionalities of Revi.

Post-purchase valuation pop-up

popup revi

The post-purchase evaluation pop-up allows the customer to leave an opinion about their shopping experience immediately after making it. In this way, the client does not have to wait to leave their comments days later, but can do so already in the checkout process.

Opinions through a link

This functionality allows PREMIUM users to send their customers a link so that they can rate their store or business instantly. This link can be sent by WhatsApp or placed in the most read articles on the blog, and even incorporated into a newsletter. Yet another feature to make getting customer reviews easier than ever.

New Widgets

In Revi, you can choose and customize the appearance of the widgets on the different sections of the website. Until now, the stores had up to a total of eight different designs that they could customize, but now you can find many more that you will have available very soon within the internal Revi panel.

widget revi

New affiliate panel

Just a few months ago, we launched a new affiliate panel with better structured information, and a much more intuitive design. If you are a freelancer professional, or an agency that works in the area of marketing, e-commerce, or web developing, and you still do not know our affiliate program. What are you waiting for to start earning commissions? In this article we will tell you everything you need to know.

And also, here you can see all the changes we make in the panel:

new revi panel

Revi is a review platform system that is constantly updated. Digital marketing is going very fast, and we make everyday an effort to keep updated and never to be left behind. If you have a business and you still do not know Revi, we encourage you to try one of our plans, from the free version to the PREMIUM version with a large number of features that will undoubtedly improve your marketing strategy.

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