5 Reasons why Social Media Marketing is Important for any Business

Your business organization needs a social media presence. Irrespective of whether you run a big national company or a small local shop, social media is a vital part of your corporate marketing strategy. Social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram help you connect with your customers, raise awareness about your brand and help increase your leads and revenue.

With over 3 billion people throughout the globe using social media on a monthly basis, it is certainly no passing trend. The entire marketing landscape has drastically changed with the introduction of social media. New and exciting avenues have opened for marketers that did not exist before or these channels were too complicated to implement. Brands such as Offer Factor use SEO to its advantage through their social media presence. Businesses now have a powerful and easy-to-use tool at their fingertips, which can share valuable pieces of content in seconds all over the world.

Here are five great reasons why investing in social media is an intelligent business move.

  1. Communicate Authority

Note that customers are increasingly tech-savvy and more discerning regarding which businesses they support. This is why before making a decision they will conduct a quick search in order to browse your website and social media presence. Their purchase decisions will be impacted by whether they find a rich and relevant source of information or an empty storefront.

If you set up robust profiles that are updated frequently with valuable and relevant content, it will develop your brand’s authority. In addition, it will make sure you leave a positive first impression via social media, which shows that your business organization is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and approachable. Regularly interacting and engaging with your customers also proves that your business cares about them.  Also, if you could interact with major influencers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, your visible authority will skyrocket.

  1. Brand Loyalty

Social media provides a great opportunity to increase brand loyalty. Also, one of the positive aspects of social media platforms is that you could increase brand loyalty literally for free. Statistics reveal that more than fifty million small businesses use social media platforms to market their business and to create brand loyalty. Furthermore, customers who follow a specific business on a social media platform end up becoming loyal customers as they are constantly reminded about the persona of the company.

Hence, keep this in mind when you are running your marketing campaign. When customers frequently interact with an organization or brand on a social media platform and enjoy it, they are likely to stick around for a longer period of time. An open and strategic social media plan can prove influential in converting consumers into being brand loyal.

Also, make a concerted effort to engage your customers and keep them happy. You could provide them with free giveaways and post relevant open-ended questions which will provoke them to respond positively. If available, offer promo codes for discounts; however, ensure you are not just concerned about promoting your products or services and focus on cultivating an engaging relationship with your clients.

  1. SEO

Due to the incredible amount of data and information being shared on social media, many search engines such as Google are now integrating social media results in their findings. It may not come as a surprise that many social media network themselves are gradually becoming search engines. Facebook’s graph search, for example, or Twitter is a descriptive search engine.

As such, staying active on various social media platforms can act as a great “brand signal” to various search engines that your business or brand is credible, legitimate, and trustworthy. This means, if you really want to rank higher for a given group of keywords, then having a strong and active social media presence is almost mandatory.


  1. Budget Friendly

It is also worth mentioning that social media marketing is a cost-effective way for both new and established businesses to promote themselves, especially if they are working on a tight budget. All you have to do is create your social media account and start posting relevant content in order to attract potential leads. In addition, having an account on a majority of these platforms is quick, free, and straightforward. Furthermore, there is also a paid advertisement option on these social media platforms that you could take advantage of, in case you want to target a broader audience in a short period of time.

Just by investing some money and time, you could substantially increase your conversion rates and eventually achieve the desired return on the investment of your funds. As per Hubspot, nearly 85% of marketers found that just 6 hours of effort each week was sufficient to generate increased traffic. Ultimately 6 hours is not a huge investment for a channel as big as social media.

  1. Higher Conversion Rates

This is another profound benefit of social media marketing. This mode results in much higher conversion rates in a number of distinct ways. The most significant perhaps is the humanization element; as social media interactions are much more personalized and client orientated.

The real beauty of this marketing channel is that social media is a platform where most brands could act just like people do and this is vital because people prefer doing business with other similar people and not with companies. As a result, you have social proof, loyalty and credibility in the brand as well as benefits in building an audience.

It is also worth mentioning that a greater number of social media followers improve credibility and trust in your brand. Simply building your audience on social media could help improve conversion rates on the existing traffic.

Final Thoughts

You can benefit from social media marketing no matter the specific nature of your business. When done right, social media marketing can lead to more traffic, more customers, and more conversions, and it is here to stay. Bear in mind that your competition is increasing considerably on social media with each passing day. Hence, do not let your competitors poach your probable customers. So, the earlier you start leveraging social media, the faster you will see the growth in your business.


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