The importance of online product reviews

Did you know that 70% of customers go online to look for reviews about products or companies? A survey made by Opinea clearly showed how important product reviews are in purchase decisions.

An e-commerce’s success is strictly related to trustworthiness, an aspect that can be boosted with product reviews. This can be very helpful to your company in various ways: it improves your SEO, your sales and betters your customer service.

Moreover, another study (by iPerceptions) found that more than 60% of usual online customers are more likely to buy in an e-shop that shows customers’ reviews. As a consequence, product reviews can no longer be a taboo.

Positive and negative product reviews

If you’re doing a good job, you have an excellent customer service and your products meet customers’ expectations, then they will become your brand’s best advocates. And don’t panic if you get a negative review: it can be a great opportunity to analyse your work and improve it. Also, the fact that your e-commerce has 100% positive reviews isn’t necessarily convincing, because they may have been manipulated.

Product reviews generate content, and Google likes it

Product reviews significantly help your website’s SEO since they keep generating new content. And search engines such as Google like that, a lot. Comments prove that the web page is active, given that it keeps getting new information thanks to customers’ reviews.

There is only one thing better than letting your customers free to give their opinion on the products they purchased. And that is: inviting them to write a review. This is one of the many advantages of weeComments, a system that allows you to manage your customers’ reviews and encourages them to give their opinion.

You can’t have any further doubts about product reviews! Don’t hesitate to give voice to your customers. It is a great example of transparency and trustworthiness. Your e-commerce can only benefit from that!

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