This will give you positive feedback on your ecommerce

Psst .. I’ll tell you a secret! If you want to get positive reviews on your e-commerce, then you should keep a few things in mind. Although many may seem obvious… are you actually applying them? If not, then sit back, relax and read on, as we are about to reveal 7 techniques to get more positive reviews on your e-commerce.

1. Make your customers happy and they will be happy to comment

It’s not big news but it’s something. You can not get positive reviews
(at least not in a legal way) if you do not have satisfied customers. Before invitations are sent to leave a review, you should ensure that you are working properly. This means that you better correct problems that might bother your customers as soon as possible.

2. Respond to every review, not just negative ones

No doubt you can let your customers know that every rating is important. In this context, thank you for positive reviews is just as important as fixing problems caused by negative reviews.

3. Be represented in the online world

Owning an e-commerce is a big responsibility because you have to be present everywhere.
Of course, the online medium consists of uninterrupted actions as well as interactions. However, use the potential of social media channels to be closer to the customers. In principle, try to make these online relationships closer and more human.

4. When it comes to negative reviews, respond quickly but in a quiet way

Maybe you are counting down to 10, 20, 50 … until it is possible to respond to a negative review in an effective and resolutive way. Because this moment decides whether the customer becomes a loyal customer or is lost forever. Certainly answer as soon as possible but stay calm. Resist the temptation to take something personal and to defend the business or the product by all means. Because this method is not empathetic and you tend to see things worse than they actually are. In principle, a prudent exam is a key. In general, you can change the opinion of the customer for the better, if you keep a cool head.

5. Reward your customers

Let’s be clear: a reward is undoubtedly not a bribe, but an encouragement along with a “thank you, your review means a lot to me and my business”. You may reward customers with a discount voucher for their next purchase or other interesting content. Ultimately it is a way of motivation.

6. The numbers are on your side

Likewise, many reviews lead to further reviews … what attract more customers. The more reviews, the higher the likelihood that your commerce will increase.

7. Just do it

In conclusion, writing a review is a long and complex process, so customers are likely to be less willing to do so. Unless you want to give a negative feedback; in that case, he will not stop it. If you do not want to lose positive reviews, make the process quick and easy. A good example of a way of simplifying the process is the possibility provided by Revi that enables the customer to submit a rating directly from the e-mail received from the shop after receiving the order.

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