Time to get rid of fake online reviews

opiniones online falsas

So, yes. Fake reviews do exist. But, reviews like: “What can I say about this product, that hasn’t already been said?” … just make us speechless. Honestly? This has to come to an end.

Speaking of fake reviews… We already know they are a problem for any online seller. In fact, some of them have been also taken to court, as for the case of Amazon.

Research shows that online consumers use reviews to make purchase decisions and that e-shops that provide reviews tend to sell more.

Every study has overwhelming results. Customers want to read reviews, both good and bad, before buying a product. They affect their purchase decision, clients find useful information and their experience as users is improved.

Online reviews are among the most influential pieces of content when people look for information before buying a product online.

In fact, online reviews substitute the physical purchase experience in a real shop. Think about when you go shopping with a friend so that he can advise you, or when you want to speak with a servant, or when you touch the product to see how it feels. Online reviews provide all this information thanks to the experiences of previous customers.

More reviews mean better sensations and more sales

This is why increasingly more e-shops are implementing online reviews on their websites and more and more fraudsters are getting excited about it. Exactly. Fraudsters.

It was recently found that 20% of online reviews are fake and customers advocates warn that this number is increasing.

Therefore we advise you to be more careful about online opinions from now on.

Amazon is the best-known case of fake reviews, but now there are many more companies who are taking these to court. This sounds right to us, we totally see fake reviews as a fraud.

Concretely, some websites generate 4 or 5-stars reviews for Amazon’s products. And this is slowly having an impact on people’s trust when it comes to buying a product.

Also, Facebook is working to face fake “likes” and has managed to reduce them a lot by adjusting the algorithm. 

Of course, sellers have to make a serious effort to eliminate all the fake reviews they get, to preserve their customers’ trust and to protect their brand.

This can be easily done by using online reviews systems. Those guarantees opinions coming from people who have bought something in the shop, deleting or manipulating comments are not allowed. Revi is one of them.

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