weeComments becomes Revi


The time has come.

We all change, evolve, grow and improve. In this case, we have done the same with weeComments. We introduce you to Revi

weeComments has changed the way online stores connect with their customers – more than 1,500 stores actually have done it. It facilitates the online buying process thanks to the opinions of those who have already bought. It helps to show how the store works and helps customers and users to get an idea of how the shopping experience will be.

We believe that this is an important relationship that should be highlighted. We want Revi it to be known for its transparency, collaboration, and proximity. Therefore, after careful consideration, we have thought that it is a good time to adjust our image more to these concepts.

revi wee

We also adapted our brand to improve some important aspects:


We want people to know that we are a different opinion system. Young, dynamic and with a continuous improvement philosophy always in mind. This change helps us demonstrate it with an informal and professional name in equal parts, accompanied by a dynamic web that stands out from the usual monotony.


Although weeComments already focused on internationalization, we preferred a shorter name that is not attached to a particular language. We want to reach the whole world and have created a name with international, worldwide and even interstellar projection.


We all have room for improvement, and we have to admit that this change is more about visual aspects. We have chosen a short and powerful name and a fresh and close image based on illustrated characters that help us better explain what we are. Revi is unique and its style proves it.


Connect with you

Our clients are mainly e-commerce owners who believe in business development as a growth engine. This identity represents that young, enterprising and dynamic spirit we love. We believe that this new corporate image fits perfectly within that spirit.

New function

This rebrand has become a great opportunity to bring new benefits to you. As always, we integrate new and better features to help you get the most out of your customers’ business views. And so that your customers feel better.

Some of the new additions are the stars in Google Shopping, new and more customizable widgets, and a super intuitive panel. Everything on a new website you will love.


There is no doubt that Revi is easier to use than weeComments. We have chosen a shorter and more consistent name that makes speaking, writing and understanding easier. It has been a challenge to find one that is much shorter and continues to describe what we are and what we do.

This rebranding is designed to make everything fit to our personality and yours as well. We want these changes to convey at a glance how we treat you and your customers.

What do you have to do to upgrade to revi?

If you’re already a user of weeComments, you’re also a reviewer. All you have to do is check with your regular user and download the new module. This automatically updates the style and also activates the new functions. Switch to review with a single click. Are you Revi?

Goodbye, weeComments. Welcome, Revi.


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