Why are online reviews so important?

As we have already pointed out in previous posts, online reputation is extremely important to any company, both big and small. In this context, online customers’ reviews play a very important role.

Why are online customers’ reviews so important?

According to different studies, 8 out of 10 users read reviews before deciding to buy a product or a service. The tag “reviews” is appearing more and more often in search keywords, as we can notice if we have a look at some tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

In fact, 83% of customers state that users’ reviews help them making a purchase decision in an online shop.

But there’s another alarming data. While the majority of customers considers reviews as something crucial, only 43% of retailers are aware of their actual potential.

Ask your customers to review your shop and your products

You can use a customers’ reviews system such as weeComments. Or maybe your Facebook page, or Yelp, or Tripadvisor. But you must boost your customers’ feedback! If you let them know their opinion is important to you, they will be eternally grateful, and not just them. Future users will as well find their commentaries helpful when they need to choose your shop before another.

An e-commerce that is concerned about its clients’ opinion is open to a continuous improvement. And just like every job done with dedication, also this one will have a sweet payback. Your customers’ love will make them your brand’s best advocates.

More than 25% of customers are willing to write a review if solicited

“I like the fact that they are asking me for my opinion via email. It is a sign of consideration and it shows they are concerned about quality. This is really positive.”

In order to encourage your customers to leave a review, the email is still the best communication canal. You have to make this as easy and accessible as possible, and the customer has to take very few steps. You will have much more probabilities that he will write a review.

To do so, weeComments sends an email with an evaluation form embedded in the email itself. The customer automatically receives it within a few days after his purchase. He can rate aspects such as customer service, the product, shipping… And these ratings are directly collected on your website. Easy peasy.

Don’t be afraid of negative feedback

This is the number-one fear of many e-commerce when they consider using an online reviews system: negative reviews. Even so, you can relax: the majority of online opinions are positive.

To give you an idea, on Amazon 4 out of 5 reviews on average are positive, everywhere in the world. If you work honestly with your customers and you care for every detail in your e-commerce, you have no reason to worry about negative reviews. Still, don’t freak out if you get one because, as we will say shortly, they are somehow necessary and natural.

68% of customers rely more on websites that have both positive and negative reviews

According to OpinionWay, 68% of customers relies more on websites that have both positive and negative reviews. “Online commentaries are an excellent tool to manage your web’s quality. It allows you to create a relationship with your customers.”

Sometimes negative reviews indicate that something may be failing. They are an opportunity to improve ourselves that our clients are giving us for free.

Read your customers’ online reviews

Customers always appreciate if you respond to their reviews, no matter if they are good or bad.

A study by PhocusWright has found that 77% of users think that if a company responds to reviews it shows more dedication towards its customers. 87% of them believes that an adequate response to a negative review contributes to making a better impression of the shop.

“When I get a negative feedback, I thank the customer and I check the aspects he has pointed out. I take it as an opportunity to show our concern, what we do for them” – a retailer says.

When it comes to negative reviews, the company’s reaction is almost compulsory. A polite and effective response to a negative review can help not to lose that customer, and if this was done publicly, it shows other users that you care.

Another important aspect in terms of SEO is that online reviews improve the density and the quality that search engines look for. They offer original content, which Google loves and it pays you back with more notoriety.

Stand out from your competitors thanks to online reviews

Like we said, online reviews are very useful to customers since they help them making purchase decisions. Moreover, opinions are a valuable source of information for retailers. “For example, if a customer complains about having backache due to a hard pillow, I can take advantage and suggest another product.”

Listen to your customers. It is important to take any of their suggestions into account because if a customer took the time to review his experience, it is very likely that others are having the same concern.

Once again, online reviews give you the opportunity to understand your customers’ needs. Thanks to them you can improve whatever your shop offers.


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