Why Instagram is so important for your business

Social network’s power is limitless for business, especially Instagram. One billion people use Instagram, putting like to 3,5 billion posts per day and sharing 95 million posts each day. It’s the social media with the best potential in terms of conversion rate if it’s used right. The rise of digital marketing has shown how this new way of communication is more effective for brand reputation. Purchases are not only simple transactions anymore. To call them “experiences” is more appropriate. Companies are starting to build long-term relationships with their clients getting more trust and engagement as results. It’s safe to say that these new kind of media are replacing the classic ones like radio, TV and newspapers.

Today Instagram is a real community where users give their feedback to products and brands. When it was launched it was only a platform for photo and video sharing. Now it’s become a powerful weapon to boost sales. Let’s go to see why.

SEO improvement

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. In other words, it’s a practice that ensures your site to be found faster and easier on the internet. In this case, the word organic means that the relationship with your clients is spontaneous. You don’t need any stretch if you play this right. Putting keywords in your Instagram business profile may help your company to gain more exposure. For example, if you are a wooden kitchen tables manufacturer, change your name or your bio to that. Give people a context of what you are doing. This will get you in front of your customers.

Who’s my audience?

Instagram Insight has helped companies to make a better market analysis. It’s a tool that allows seeing characteristics of people who view your content. It gives detailed information about people actions. You will know how many interactions (clicks, views, calls, e-mails, etc) you have had. This is the best way to measure your engagement level.

Visual marketing

Remember: a picture speaks louder than words. Posting good photos of your product or one-min videos is one of the best ways to visually capture people’s attention. Never underestimate the power of visual marketing. A Brain Rules research, shows that people can retain 10% of what they hear. But, if the information is served up with relevant visuals, they can retain 65% of it. Moreover, DNP shows that 93% of all human communication is non-verbal. So our brains are hardwired to prefer visual cues. This is something to take advantage of. It’s better to edit your visual contents with a short text below and with a good design.


Instagram works right when it can give people emotions. To do this we need to tell them what we are and what we sell. Feelings can be well spread through your posts or photos. Share how you work, who are you working with and what are you building. Storytelling connects customers to your brand.


What’s an influencer? The word itself tells you. It’s an entity (generally a person) that influences the behaviour of its followers. How can it do that? Catching people’s attention posting about style, fashion, hi-tech, fitness and so on. It’s not easy, especially for small companies, to reach a big peace of audience. So they choose to let the influencer to promote their products to the followers. This is the case of the Instagram takeover. This winning practice consists in entrust your content’s creation to an influencer for a short time. Sharing stories or post about your products, the influencer will spread your brand to its virtual supporters. In this way, the conversion rate will boost and more people will know you.

Direct experience with customers

Instagram changed the customer experience. The relationships between clients, potential clients and company are stronger and more inclined to interact using comments, likes and Stories. In this way, people feel more engaged and the companies can take advantage of this situation. For example, comments below the pics are often real reviews or feedback of the products. It works like a real customer service that is easily accessible and more informal. For these reasons, Instagram generates a kind of familiarity that improves the conversion rate raising sales.

Reach the world with Instagram

In recent years, Instagram allows companies to do sponsored posts about their products. If hashtags, filters, funny contents are not enough for you, promoted posts might be an idea. In doing so, you can show what you want to a wider audience. Obviously, there are some targeting criteria that you can choose in order to customize your strategy. The most used are age, interests and locations. The goal is to screen the market in order to create several segments and niches.  Therefore, the whole world is a potential market that can be reached.


Companies can put call-to-action buttons on their accounts. “Call now” and “Send an e-mail” are the most used. Pushing viewers into doing relevant actions is the goal of this kind of strategy. For example, you can tag the product page in your posts so, users can easily get more information about it. Companies can use Stories to take advantage of the “swipe-up” function. That’s a way to add a link about external contents available with just a finger. Most of the time those contents are about promotions, contests or purchase pages.

Have fun!

Instagram is the perfect platform for contests. You could ask your follower to leave a comment, use a specific hashtag, or tag their friends below a post. A lot of users consider it as a funny way of interaction. Try to launch a contest, keep an eye to the stats and figure out how it affects your business. If it will be successful maybe you can think to turn it into a recurring event.

In conclusion, without Instagram, a business could remain behind their competitors. It may need time and strategy to work right but it definitely worth it.



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