Your customers and their opinions are your best allies

In the digital context, customer opinions are our best defenders.

Through our client reviews, we can reckon if we are heading in the right direction or not.

It often happens in life that it is not immediate to know if we are doing something good or not. Sometimes it happens that we realize over time that the events are in our favour or sticks the sticks in the wheels.

Nevertheless, the digital context does not always work that way. In fact, thanks to customer reviews, we know whether we are heading in the right direction or not. They are the foundation of our business and help us to grow. Their opinions and comments make them our best allies.

Today we tell you about the case of a restaurant that was about to close but could get back on track thanks to the reviews of its customers. He saw his mistakes as an opportunity and is now one of the busiest clubs in his area. Careful, because that’s a true story.

We move to the US to tell you the story of Tom Provo, the owner of Charred American Bar + Grill. After reading the opinions of customers who had tried the food of his restaurant, Tom realized something was wrong. The sandwiches he used for the burgers did not seem to interest most customers. Was it wrong that customers could not appreciate the quality of the bread served in the Charred American Bar + Grill? The answer is no, the customer is always right. And above all, when there are many who think the same.

Provo recognized the dissatisfaction of its customers through rating platforms such as TripAdvisor or Yelp. So he went to work, changed bread suppliers and … voila! The change paid off as Tom was not given a negative rating. It’s an example of the power of online reviews: they give companies the feedback they need to continue to grow and improve.

“I just regret that today people need security before trying out a new location,” says Provo. “With the time they run, people do not want to go to a two-star house, if there is maybe one in five.” Online opinions have revolutionized the Internet and the way we conduct business. “It struck me especially at the beginning when I saw people taking pictures with cell phones … but soon I understood … If people like something, they want to make all friends know that they enjoy an excellent dinner or that they have fun, through social media or even customer review platforms” said Provo.

Opinions, your certificate of excellence

According to the owner of the Charred American Bar + Grill, the goal is to strike a balance between customer expectations and what you understand to be the essence of your store, without going too far. This fuels the desire to return to your customers who see that they take their opinions into account and feel involved as their voices are heard.

Nowadays the internet offers us a multitude of possibilities. We can choose from a variety of options, but in the end, we will be guided by what gives us more confidence or security. The same thing happens with restaurants. “We go out to eat with friends in a certain area full of restaurants … To be on the safe side, we pick up the phone and look for the one with the best ratings, which will already influence our decision.” Our customers’ opinion is our certificate of excellence “.

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